Heritage: Unique Sightseeing Tours

Balloons, rickshaws, Trabants ... these are all special means to enhance the unique experience you take home from your vacations. Have you ever seen an amphibious coach? Head to Hungary and try one.


See Budapest from Both Land and Water

Andrew J. Wein

Budapest is the first city on the Continent where you can enjoy the unique experience of sightseeing aboard an exceptional amphibious coach. Until now you had to decide between two options: see the beautiful capital city through the windows of a tour coach or enjoy a boat ride on the Danube surrounded by the wonderful sights of Budapest. No need to choose anymore... RiverRide is a special sightseeing coach, outfitted with two anchors, a horn, 160 meters of rope, life vests under each of the ...

Cappadocia Ballooning: A Bird-in-Flight Perspective

Joe McClain

If judged solely by average flying time, the cost of hot air ballooning is indeed a travel luxury few would consider sampling. But measured in terms of an uncommon experience with a soaring birds’ eye perspective over our planet’s natural and cultural treasures, a carefully-selected balloon trip is a bargain. I moved from skeptic to convert in 2001 during a Kapadokya Balloons (KB) hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia’s sculpted valleys and deep narrow ravines in Central Turk...

Rickshaw - A Journey through the Streets of Kathmandu

Samuel Dorsi

The sun goes down over streets crowded with house wives shopping for vegetables for the evening meal. Motor bikes weave in and out of the hustle and bustle. The cobbled alleyways are slippery from the last night's rains; old men watch the world go by in intricately carved Newari style windows. There's a smell of mingled fresh and rotting vegetables in the air and the hum of conversations reaches my ears. My driver, his bone thin body hunched over the handles bars of the ancient Indian style f...

Trabants Ready to Give You a Lift

Dan Rang

It’s been said time and again, but Budapest is truly the city where East meets West, bang in the centre of the continent. We could go on about how much we love it all day, but we’re here now to tell you about Trabants and how you can get your hands on them! Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a friend with an über cool uncle Laci with one of these babies. You sorry souls need not to fear, though, as these mean machines are still at your fingertips – in Budapest yo...