Chris Grad - Nov 18, 2008

For years, scientists and environmentalists alike have been trying to raise necessary awareness of the public that seems to take pollution caused mainly by car fuel waste somewhat lightly. Future prognoses which present the unpleasant picture of the state of our planet in fifty years are simply too distant to appeal. However, many companies have been focusing on the research and development in order to prevent or at least minimize the amount of polluting gases released into the atmosphere by automobiles. It appears that what once seemed like a dream of a lunatic becomes reality. The Air Car was born.


As each new invention, the air car has its pros and cons. It runs on compressed air and as long as the car does not exceed a speed limit of 35 mph, it is completely environmentally friendly. Once the speed exceeds the limit, the car will automatically switch to using gas or diesel fuel.


The car was initially developed by Mr. Guy Negre, a former Formula 1 engineer who is also the founder of MDI / Zero Pollution Motors. For nearly ten years, Guy and a group of highly qualified engineers have been developing the Air Car and claim that now is the right time for their precious invention to come into the light.


The car is spacious enough – six people will comfortably fit into the car and still have plenty of space for extra luggage. The price remains within the limit of regular cars in the U.S. – around $ 18,000 for a new one. The company has announced the official and much expected launch of the Air Car in 2010.  It is a very promising start to a more nature-friendly way of transportation which will hopefully spread around the globe within a decade. After all, we all breathe the same air.

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  1. This is wonderful news....I have one are these cars on climbing mountainous terrains?...I would love to have one here on St. Thomas.
    I hope the rest of the world is open to these new planet friendly inventions...It is time for new beginnings...the past is "past" We all need to reach out and help educate others, as education is the key ingredient for solving our planet's cries for help!!! I give great kudus to the inventors of this air car!!!

    (Virgin Islands (U.S.))

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