Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2013

Oct 28, 2013

Dear readers

The windy November issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine is here to invite you to travel the north. Discover Alaska with all its beauty, grizzly bears and rich history. Open the Destination supplement to learn more. Those who seek rather some entertainment on the coast should to the Adventure part discussing the best surf spots around the world. Families on the road will love the Heritage part presenting a number of fascinating Zoo’s from Austria, USA as well as Singapore.

Marketing enthusiasts should go to the Professional supplement describing a couple of innovative promotion campaigns of travel destinations. If however you are getting ready for a cruise holiday open the Transport part focusing on small-ship cruise lines offering remarkable itineraries. Enjoy the fall!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Zoo – Visit the Best Animal Kingdoms

Bill Alen

- Oct 28, 2013

Zoological gardens are usually a safe bet for families looking for some entertainment. Some Zoos however are quite remarkable. Explore the oldest zoo in the world, the largest indoor desert or go for breakfast with orangutans.

PROFESSIONAL/ Innovative Promo Campaigns

Samuel Dorsi

- Oct 28, 2013

Every year travelers are drawn by innovative marketing campaigns luring visitors to explore new destinations. Read about a couple of remarkable campaigns with unconventional features.

DESTINATION/ Alaska – The Last Frontier

Michael Trout

- Oct 28, 2013

Alaska is loved by adventurers as well as culture enthusiasts. Discover the many options the remarkable state offers to its visitors, explore Sitka and Denali National Park, as well as a number of attractive museums, white glaciers and fascinating wildlife.