Singapore Zoo and Its Landscape Design Draw Visitors

Joe McClain - Oct 28, 2013
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The Singapore Zoo opened in 1973 and since that time has been known for having one of the most beautiful wildlife settings of any park in the world. This unique space allows animals to roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats where visitors can experience them in their natural environment. The incredible landscape design is one of the attractions in itself.

The zoo has been a nine-time winner of the Best Leisure Attraction Experience award. Located in the Mandai rainforest, there are over 300 species of animals including a diverse range of mammals, birds, and reptiles which call the zoo home. Many of the habitats allow for unique viewing experiences for visitors of all ages. The elevated platforms in the giraffe exhibit and underwater galleries for the otters, hippos, and crocodiles allow you to get the full range of experiences. All of the animal's habitats have been designed and built with the idea of copying their natural habitats in the wild.

One unique feature of the zoo is its walk-through exhibits which allow animals and visitors to interact for intimate encounters. You can leisurely stroll through the home of kangaroos and enjoy them eating right out of your hand in the Australian outback exhibit. It's also worth a trip to the Fragile Forest exhibit where there are a variety of fun animals to enjoy. Flying foxes will be overhead, mousedeers will cross your paths, and the ring-tailed lemurs will be sunbathing while you walk around.

The Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife program is something that you won't want to miss, even if you're not an early riser. With this program, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious international buffer in the company of the zoo's family of free-ranging orangutans. The Singapore Zoo is the first one in the world which has a free-range orangutan habitat. These charismatic apes are fun and playful, perfect to share a meal with. This program is definitely worth going to, and it is fun for all ages. If you're bringing kids along with you to the zoo, take a special trip to the Rainforest Kidzworld. The kids can enjoy splashing around in the wet play area, take a trip on one of the ponies, or enjoy an educational play and learn time in this area.

While you're on your trip, make sure to take time and see one of the animal shows. The elephants at work and play show is a favorite for families and the daily token feeding session will give you the opportunity to see the zoo's residents when they're most active. This zoo is also designed to be a learning experience. As a guest, you can understand the animals at a deeper level through the interactive displays. With an emphasis on preserving biodiversity, the wildlife conservation policy is designed to protect endangered animals as well as educate the public on these fascinating creatures. A truly enjoyable experience can be had at these exhibits.

The idea behind the Singapore Zoo began in 1969 when the Public Utilities Board decided to take advantage of some of the land around reservoirs to use as parks. During this time, the executive chairman set aside 88 hectares of land for a zoological garden. Just one year later, consultants and staff were hired and the construction for the zoo began. Animals were either purchased or donated. On its opening in 1973, the zoo had 270 animals from over 72 different species and a staff of 130. Throughout the years, the staff and animals have grown, and have seen steady growth each year. Although the zoo has always been popular, today more than 1.6 million visitors come to the zoo every year to enjoy the unique exhibits and have an amazing experience.

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