Singapore: Scenic Heritage Trail Presents WWII

Joe McClain - Feb 25, 2013
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World War II has a significant place in the world's history as a whole. Many tourists are fascinated by this momentous event that took place across a span of years. Singapore is one such nation that has a specifically designed trail across the island to highlight the most historic moments.

It provides a chance for visitors to understand what the men and women who fought in this war went through. It illustrates and highlights the places where these brave people laid down their lives and the reasons behind them. The tour along the trail is done via a motor coach and is a captivating experience for those looking to enrich themselves in World War II history.

Highlights of World War II Trail

Almost all parts of the heritage trail are enriching in their own way, but certain parts do shine brightly. These are parts of the tour that should be focused upon and are quite the treat. One such place is the 'Changi Village'; this is the place where the Sook Ching Massacre took place. Atrocities were committed that hold deep meaning to the local people and the land's history. This massacre is a big part of Singapore and it's past making this stop a must see.

Changi Museum is another location where there are various historical artifacts to observe. World War II brought forth a lot of artifacts that are still preserved to this day at the museum. These are artifacts that hold deep meaning for the local people and can help tourists understand what the war was all about. The museum is a wonderful establishment that will bring goose bumps to a tourist's body as they sift through all that it has to offer.

Selarang Barracks are where the internment Japanese camps were set up during the time of the war. These camps were built in a manner that was used to house people. It is a wonderful place to walk through as one can understand what those individuals had to go through. There is a lot of historical significance within the Selarang Barracks as they have been appropriately preserved by the local government. This is another highlight on the World War II trail in Singapore that is a must see for those interested in delving into the history.

Old Changi Prison is the final highlight of this trail. It is the prison where certain criminals were held during the war. It has been kept up to date and is quite the sight for those looking to find out how prisons looked like back then. Just like the Selarang Barracks, this prison paints an image of what individuals of that time might have had to experience.

Tips for Visitors

Be prepared for the travel. The trail is not a small but it is all encompassing when it comes to illustrating the war's history (four hours long). This is excellent news for those looking to delve themselves into the war's history in order to understand the atrocities committed. However, it is best to come prepared and ready for what will likely be a lengthy travelling experience. The custodians of the area are immensely knowledgeable and are constantly looking to talk about what the trail is all about. This can lead to an inspiring, yet long stay.

Try to cover as many highlights of the tours as possible (as listed above). These highlights are the main parts of the tour and deserve to be looked at properly. Most individuals are unaware of these highlights. The guides will usually have a time slot for each part of the trail, so it's important to pay attention on the best parts.

Joining the Tour

Finding the right tour operator is important before progressing any further. All of the tours are in the English language and can be booked at The price for the tour is listed at under $50 and is a three hour long experience full of great memories. The meeting point for all tours begin at the end at Pasir Ris MRT Station. This is the best place to visit in order to complete any additional research on how the tour works once in Singapore.

The World War II Trail is a fascinating experience and is highly recommended by almost all travelers that take the tour. It is a tour full of historical experiences and one that allows travelers to immerse themselves into the local culture and understand what the war was all about. It can be a chilling experience for those that were unaware of the atrocities committed in the area during the time of war.


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