Singapore: Full of Free Attractions

Nils Kraus - Jun 30, 2014
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Singapore is regarded as Asia’s most expensive city. Visitors are likely to be charged substantial amounts when out there for a vacation. However, Singapore can be fun to visit without worrying about the cost since there are so many things you can do free. Let us have a look at some of them.

Supertree Grove of Gardens by the Bay

It generally costs money to enter indoor areas of the Gardens by the Bay. However, the Supertree Grove is absolutely free. You will be awed by glowing tree like structures with vase like mouths that are iconic in the Marina Bay area. There are plants up on the fifty-meter gigantic structures and a one hundred and thirty meter long aerial walkway to connect the Supertrees.

Sunbathe at Bukit Bartok Town Park, Singapore’s Halong Bay

This park is found in the western part of Singapore city, about two hundred meters from Gombak MRT station to the south. You will get to enjoy crystal clear water, green rock outgrowths and a superb cool breeze.

Singapore Botanic Garden

The British opened these gardens in 1859. It is a swathe of quiet, serene, and beautiful walking space for people and plant watching. The site is soon to become a UNESCO world heritage site. There are many attractions including a national orchid garden named after world leaders. You can have free walking tours and enjoy botany at its best.

Sun kissed holidays at one of the many beaches

There are several beaches where travelers can sunbathe and of course swim. The great thing is that one can get free beaches to relax and enjoy! There is Changi Beach and a stretch of beach lining the East Coast that are free. You may take a monorail ride to Sentosa beaches a few kilometers away.

Gaze at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Temple has not been there for long, but looks like it has been there for ages. The Tooth Relic Temple is located at South Bridge in Chinatown district. It resembles the architectural styles of the Tang Dynasty of China.

Take pictures with a Merlion

The Merlion is Singapore most iconic sculpture. It looks like half lion and half fish like creature belching out water from its mouth. (The name Merlion comes from Mermaid and Lion). After visiting the site, you may take a walk around Martina Bay and check out more free sights. You will find great restorations of colonial era architecture that is so lovely.

Learn the Asian culture at the museums

Much to the amazement of so many travelers, Singapore’s museums are free and great attractions. There are six National Heritage Board Museums namely Singapore Art Museum , National Museum of Singapore, Peranakan Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum , Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Asian Civilizations Museum. Foreigners can only get in free on holidays such as Chinese New Year, Singapore National Holiday, Deepavali and Christmas Day. You may need to check when there are free admissions in advance before travelling to Singapore.

Feel the power at the official residence of The President of Singapore

This place is also known as Istana and is the official residence of the President of Singapore. Gates open during selected holidays to the public. There are lush grounds, Lilly ponds, Swan Lake and a second world war Japanese Gun. The building is now used to receive dignitaries’ and the President no longer lives there.

Dance on a free concert at Esplanade

At the Esplanade (at the Concourse) you will get a chance to watch free concerts. In fact, they showcase both local and international talents. It is a great place to wind down your night free.

Take a walk in Chinatown in the evening

Chinatown is the most famous of the three popular ethnic quarters in Singapore. The place looks golden and superb to stroll past during evenings. You can also decide to take your dinner at one of the many restaurants at the place and have a taste of the authentic Chinese Cuisine.

Singapore is just amazing for everyone who loves great adventure. There are many more attractions and activities you can participate in while you are there. Be sure to enjoy your visit next time you travel to Singapore.


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