Tourism Review Online Magazine 7 / 2014

Jun 30, 2014

Dear readers


Welcome to the July issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Tour de France getting close it is about the time to focus on the growing popularity of cycling. Open the Professional supplement which is not only about the Grand Départ. Adventurers might want to read more about East Africa and its highs and lows with respect to tourism. Open the Destination part.

Eco friendly luxury resorts are the topic of the Ethical supplement inviting you to some of the remarkably green hotels and lodges out there.

People struggling with their medical bills more and more look abroad for their treatment including dental services. Read the Medical part discussing the current trends in dental tourism. The Heritage part on the other hand offers a smart overview of free attractions in several locations. Enjoy the summer!


Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Fabulous Holidays for Free

Chris Grad

- Jun 30, 2014

Tourists love exploring new places, each holiday discovering more sights. For many people traveling is an essential part of their live. Lots of destinations however tend to be costly so it is always smart to look for the free attractions on offer.

PROFESSIONAL/ Cycling Growing in Popularity

Cecilia Garland

- Jun 30, 2014

A number of bike festivals and competitions are on offer in the coming months. Explore the great mass ride in Philippines, watch the Grand Départ in North Yorkshire and follow the European cycle route running through 40 countries.

MEDICAL/ Dental Tourists Conquering the World

Richard Moor

- Jun 30, 2014

Globally, dental tourism is growing in popularity – Hungary, Costa Rica or Malaysia are becoming the hubs welcoming crowds of dental tourists every year. How to choose the right country and the doctor for your treatment? What are the price differences?

ETHICAL/ Eco! Eco-friendly Luxury

Anna Luebke

- Jun 30, 2014

Eco-friendly holiday always promises remarkable experience. Explore a selection of fine eco-resorts that took friendliness to the environment a step further. Visit Costa Rica, British Columbia or Kenya.

DESTINATION/ Wild and Remarkable East Africa

James Morris

- Jun 30, 2014

East Africa is a remarkable region offering wild beauty and fascinating culture. While the countries try to boost tourism with new initiatives, violence is still a serious issue frightening off tourists in some places.