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Denise Chen - Jun 30, 2014
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Tour and travel has always been associated with expensive fees because it is considered leisure activity. However, there are some fantastic attractions that are at the disposal of American citizens at absolutely zero prices. These sites offer great entertainment and sightseeing for both adults and kids with features such as waterfalls, gardens, and hilltops among many others. Some of the top sites include:

Getty Center – Los Angeles

As one of the most popular cities in the USA, L.A. can be outright associated with high profile expensive hotels, resorts and tour sites. This is however not the case in the Getty Museum, which invites visitors to a treatment of Van Gogh’s masterpieces, hilltop gardens and waterfalls at no fee. Here, visitors can bring their kids along for sightseeing activities and glorious sunset views irrespective of budget limitations.

The Smithsonian Museums - Washington D.C.

Located within the country’s priciest city, the 18 Smithsonian institutions ironically harbor three different price-free museums. The National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum and National Zoo attract multitudes of crowds. What’s more, you have the bonus advantage of downloading a free app on the National mall sites.

Jazz National Historical Park - New Orleans

Unlike most national parks which emphasize nature walks and vegetation, New Orleans houses a musical park. Here, visitors are treated to Jazz’s birthplace with live music at the French Quarter and Old US Mint which run 6 days a week. There is also a Saturday’s music workshop for kids at the Perseverance Hall (Louis Armstrong Park) and visitors can host free music talks and video documentaries. Additionally, there is a choice for self-guided audio tour to Jazz sites and Jazz Walk of Fame in New Orleans. After your tour at the Jazz park, have dinner at Antoine's Restaurant. It's just nearby, and as the oldest family-operated eatery in the US, they serve the best dinner in New Orleans. Their Pompano Pontchartrain and Chicken Rochambeau are easily some of the top dishes in the city. Antoine's is a popular restaurant for a reason, and the dining experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Staten Island Ferry - New York City

For those who know the benefits of free admissions and lower hotel rates and discounted tickets, New York may not be the first city to think of. They are however missing out on one of the most thrilling free ferry rides that offer views of the Statue of Liberty, downtown Manhattan, Jersey City and Brooklyn. The Staten Island Ferry operates 24/7 and is absolutely free.

Independence National Historical Park - Philadelphia

This park offers American citizens and other tourists a chance to celebrate history. It is the place where the independence declaration was signed. This place is also where the American constitution was drafted and is accessible at absolutely no fee.

The Alamo - San Antonio, TX

This is yet another historic powerhouse that beholds past events like the Texans defeat of the Mexican army in 1836. It is now an official shrine of the Texas State and welcomes over 2.5 million visitors per year. There are no charges and you can stroll to the nearby River Walk to access restaurants such as Boudro’s for some margaritas and homemade guacamole.

The National September 11 Memorial - New York City

No one deserves to be charged for this painful history memorial that features twin reflecting swimming pools at the foot of former world trade center towers. Advanced reservation is however required to guarantee viewing of the hundreds of “peaceful” white oaks. The names of those who died in the terrible February 1993 and September 2001 terrorist attacks are inscribed in the memorial.

Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago

For those who love the nerves raised when in the presence of lions and wild animals, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo offers a free choice. It is open all year round and one can retreat to the savannas and rainforests that have been recreated. There are also beautiful Bear Habitats, Bird House as well as a Small Mammal Reptile House. Kids will definitely fancy this exhilarating tour.

Houston Museum District - Houston

Houston houses 12 free museum tours in their 19 museum district. The Menil Collection for example has a gallery space filled with Oceanic and African art as well as modern surrealists. Other attractions include Rothko Chapel, Houston Center for Photography and the Holocaust Museum. This site provides an excellent meditating spot and reading space at absolutely no price.

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