Dan Rang - Nov 22, 2014
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When you think about traveling around Europe, one of the things that come to your mind is the cost. Discover the cheapest European capitals regarding the prices of hostels, transportation, food and drinks, tourist attractions as well as entertainment. Ordered from the more expensive to the cheapest ones and brought to you by

10/ Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is especially popular for the historic Old Town. Though many tourists visit the place to witness the charm and beauty of the Old Town, it is still cheap to travel to the city. It is a Baltic capital that’s worth a stop on the tour between Poland and Latvia. It is also famous for the Frank Zappa Statue.

9/ Zagreb, Croatia

Unlike other popular beach resort towns in Croatia, this one is inlands. However, it is still cheap by European standards, especially when you compare it to the prices in Italy. Zagreb is a great place to pause your journey before you reach the nearby beach towns. 

8/ Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland. However, it is still the cheapest. Most visitors prefer visiting Krakow but the capital has been focusing on building a huge tourist infrastructure. It has turned out to be an interesting piece in the Post-Soviet Union puzzle. For foreign tourists, the infrastructure has been improving rapidly. 

7/ Riga, Latvia

This city is located far north. It might be surprising to see this city in the cheapest capitals list but for instance the hostel beds in the city are very affordable. However, the main problem with the place is its location. It’s slightly out of the way when you are not on an extensive tour. 


6/ Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is another travel bargain. It is cheap throughout the year. The cathedrals and castles are sufficient to keep you interested. However, you can also enjoy the popular thermal spas. Restaurants and hotels near the river might be slightly expensive but local hostels are perfect for the budget traveler.

5/ Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This is another Balkan city that struggles to attract tourists. It is located deep in the beautiful mountains and as such it is a welcoming and interesting place. Right next to the Modern Center, you can see the Muslim Old Town. Since it is hard to reach, by many it is considered a hidden gem.

4/ Belgrade, Serbia

In the 1990s, Belgrade experienced a lot of troubles, but today it is one of the most popular Balkan cities. Though it does not offer a wide range of attractions, you can witness the beauty of an interesting urban center with appealing prices and good nightlife. 

3/ Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia has always been a great bargain for tourists. It is a pleasant city that always welcomes tourists from around the world. Prices of inbound flights and accommodations are very cheap. Due to this, Sofia is perfect when you are planning an extensive tour. 

2/ Bucharest, Romania

Though Bucharest is not the most charming town in Romania, it attracts a lot of tourists from the West. The capital offers low prices throughout the year and even the local hostels keep getting cheaper constantly. The huge parliament building in the city is one of the greatest attractions.

1/ Kiev, Ukraine

Due to the significant currency shift, Kiev has become the cheapest capital in Europe. Since it is a long way from the regular low cost travel destinations, it doesn’t get many accidental visitors. Moreover, living here can be challenging for people who don’t know Ukrainian or Russian. Still, the city has its charms for any traveler.

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