PROFESSIONAL/ Budget Accommodation – Trends and Prospects

Luxurious, boutique or posh hostels are the trend clearly flooding the budget accommodation field. Why are luxurious hostels growing in popularity not only among leisure travelers but businessmen as well?


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Boutique Hostels - A Trendsetter on the Rise in the U.S.

Dan Rang

While many travellers stem from the American archipelago, the United States is clearly falling behind in terms of hostel number and capacity. This gets truer all the more when compared to Western Europe and Australia. To date, the US holds around 350 hostels, a collective figure which Germany is able to outnumber with its Hosteling International hostels alone. HI has approximately 10 times more hostels within Germany – a total of 505 – in comparison to the US based HI's that only run at 54. T...
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10 Best Luxury Hostels in Europe

Bill Alen

Most travelers don't think about extravagance when they consider hostels. As a rule, hostels have a tendency to be simple and just offer the precise nuts and bolts. There is a developing pattern in Europe, however, where customary simple are set from rustic to charming. You can now discover a few sumptuous hostels all around Europe, perfect for the hiker more intrigued by resting soundly than sparing cash. PLUS Berlin, Berlin, Germany PLUS Berlin is one of the most up to date additions to th...
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Posh Hostels - Luxurious Yet Affordable

Gregory Dolgos

For many travelers hostels today are the best choice when traveling alone. The new range of upscale, luxury hostels, sometimes called “poshtels”, provide the comforts of a star hotel. Generator Venice for instance has all the luxuries one would expect in a boutique hotel – it serves a scrumptious continental breakfast and the café dishes out some excellent Venetian-style tapas. The interiors spell of class and sophistication, and it has a classy bar as well. The dorm style accommodation is budge...
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Hostels Are Getting Popular among Business Travelers

Cecilia Garland

Although hostels are not known for a lot of amenities and facilities, they are still getting quite popular among business travelers. People who only preferred 4-star or 5-star hotels are now looking for affordable alternatives during their stay in a city. The primary reason has been the drastic change in the appeal and facilities offered by most hostels. In fact, they’re not anything similar to what you experienced during the old backpacking days. It is worth mentioning that hostels have been...