Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear readers

Tourism Review is once again pleased to bring a couple of features covering interesting themes from the world of tourism industry. The year 2014 is of great importance to many of us since it is 100 years after the First World War broke out. The Heritage supplement offers a number of events in various countries commemorating the important centenary. UK is home to many of these events ranging from art exhibitions and concerts to seminars and lectures.

Scotland is on the other hand the topic of the Destination part presenting the beauty of the region and discussing its tourism industry. Budget accommodation worldwide and latest trends in the field are the focus of the Professional supplement presenting “poshtels” as the new hit.

For adventurous souls there is a couple of off-the-beaten-path destinations presented – open the Adventure part and visit Costa Rica, Iceland or Senegal. First of all, the Transport supplement provides great inspiration for your next educational cruise. Enjoy the June issue of TROM.  

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Looking Back in Time – WWI Centenary

Chris Grad

- May 26, 2014

Commemorate the Great War through a number of events organized all around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The WWI centenary is close with interesting readings, lectures, festivals, as well as art exhibitions and concerts.

PROFESSIONAL/ Budget Accommodation – Trends and Prospects

Samuel Dorsi

- May 26, 2014

Luxurious, boutique or posh hostels are the trend clearly flooding the budget accommodation field. Why are luxurious hostels growing in popularity not only among leisure travelers but businessmen as well?

ADVENTURE/ Adventurous Holidays off the Beaten Path

Samuel Dorsi

- May 26, 2014

Many places around the world hide perfect spots for adventurous souls. Discover the remotest destinations ideal for your next adventure – head to Colorado, Costa Rica or even Senegal.

TRANSPORT/ Get Educated aboard a Ship

Denise Chen

- May 26, 2014

The educational factor of cruises is growing in importance for experienced cruisers. Read about the most interesting enriching and educational cruises around the world. Are you looking for cooking classes, seminars on computers or ancient history? Get aboard!

DESTINATION/ Scotland - Vibrant Culture and Spectacular Heritage

Dan Rang

- May 26, 2014

Scotland with its stunning landscape and fascinating history is a perfect destination for any adventure seeker. The local tourism industry is growing and this year the amount of visitors is likely to be boosted even more thanks to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.