Glasgow Hosting the Commonwealth Games 2014

Cecilia Garland - May 26, 2014
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The Commonwealth Games (23rd July to 3rd August 2014) are just around the corner this year coming to Glasgow in Scotland.

If you have never been to Glasgow, then there is every reason why you should schedule a visit to the place this season. It is in Glasgow that you will get to enjoy a great deal of things that will remarkably complement your experience.

For Sport Fans

If you are a sport lover, then there is much to enjoy in the forthcoming games. For the 10 days that the games will take place, you can watch sportsmen from all the commonwealth countries. Not to mention, thousands of sport fans not only from the involved countries but globally as well are expected to attend. Here are some of the sports to expect:

• Table Tennis – The competition is scheduled to take place in Scotstoun Sports Campus, West End. The event will feature both single and double competitions among players of different countries. Important to note, table tennis is considered one of the strongest commonwealth games since it features high skilled players who are not only good in accuracy but speed as well.

• Judo – This sport comes as a pure test for strategy, balance and technique. The event will take place in SECC Precinct where participants will compete for 14 gold medals alongside other prestigious awards.

• Weightlifting – It will just blow your mind to realize that there are men and women who are incredibly strong. Weightlifting features participants who have the capacity to lift 48 kg to 105+ kg. It is all a test of balance and strength. The event will take place at the SECC Precinct.

• Cycling – It is just exciting to see how professional cyclists navigate through very challenging terrains. The cycling programme will showcase mountain bikes as well as road tracks. Not to forget, para-sport events will also be included. The event is pretty broad and will be featured in different venues around Glasgow.

For Culture Seekers

There is always the need of change after watching different sports all day long. In this regard, there are a couple of cultural events which will be concurrent with the Commonwealth Games. You can be assured that the events are a source of complete fun. Here are some of the events you can engage in or participate:

- The Introduction ceremony on the 19th July – The Glasgow 2014 Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be a celebration of culture and national pride.

- Festival 2014 – the festival will fill Glasgow with entertainment and culture from Scotland and around the world:

Glasgow Green Live Zone from 24th July-3rd August. The event will feature a great deal of music performances in different genres.

Merchant City Festival at the same time will be bigger than ever. Its a mix of street performance, outdoor music stages, quirky shows and international markets.

BBC at the Quay from 19th July- 3rd August. The event features matters to do with BBC networks, comedy, music and sports.

For Sightseeing Lovers

Scotland has for long been ranked as one of the world destinations with best attractions. In this regard, you can stray a little from the games and indulge in some exploration within Glasgow and the environs. Here are some of the attractions you should focus on:

• Pollok Country Park – For nature lovers, this is indisputably the place to go. The park features best scenic views and a complete feel of nature.

• University Of Glasgow – This is one of the oldest universities globally since it was established more than 500 years ago. You can find time and take a student-led tour through the premises and you can be assured of learning a lot.

• Buchanan Street – This is one of the streets in Glasgow with a great deal of landmarks and interesting things to witness. You can also tour different shopping spots along the street and buy some outstanding Scotland products.


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