DESTINATION/ Scotland - Vibrant Culture and Spectacular Heritage

Scotland with its stunning landscape and fascinating history is a perfect destination for any adventure seeker. The local tourism industry is growing and this year the amount of visitors is likely to be boosted even more thanks to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


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Scotland's Tourism – 10% Increase of Intl Visits

Gary Diskin

Scotland is known worldwide for its beautiful scenery, spectacular heritage, vibrant culture and friendly people. It is a land packed with great moments, experiences and sounds that can make your trip or vacation truly memorable. This is the reason why more and more tourists from all over the world have been visiting Scotland. According to a report, the tourism industry in Scotland is set to increase with the number of overseas visitors increasing faster than the entire UK on average. This simp...

Discover the Gems: Walking Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Gregory Dolgos

Appreciate Edinburgh by strolling around aimlessly; a popular, justified pastime. A stage for a romantic opera, few parts feel modern; the countryside and sea are wonderfully close. The wind carries at times the distinctive, sweet smell of malt from breweries. With the delightful spread of recognisable landmarks, losing bearings is impossible. The brooding crags of Edinburgh’s Castle Rock, an ancient volcano resting on a hilltop crowned by the iconic castle draws millions annually, especially t...

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Scotland

Cecilia Garland

Scotland is a beautiful destination known as the Land of Legends. This small region has a complex history, rich cultural heritage, and lush and spectacular scenery. Scotland is also a perfect place for those who love adventure. Visit the place that inspired the epic movie Braveheart while you travel to Scotland that leaves a big impact on all who pass through. Explore the numerous castles that dot the landscape. Here are ten of the most important attractions Scotland has to offer. Melrose Abb...

The Commonwealth Games 2014 Are Coming to Glasgow

Cecilia Garland

The Commonwealth Games (23rd July to 3rd August 2014) are just around the corner this year coming to Glasgow in Scotland. If you have never been to Glasgow, then there is every reason why you should schedule a visit to the place this season. It is in Glasgow that you will get to enjoy a great deal of things that will remarkably complement your experience. For Sport Fans If you are a sport lover, then there is much to enjoy in the forthcoming games. For the 10 days that the games will take p...