HERITAGE/ Looking Back in Time – WWI Centenary

Commemorate the Great War through a number of events organized all around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The WWI centenary is close with interesting readings, lectures, festivals, as well as art exhibitions and concerts.



Reliving the Great War around Europe

Gregory Dolgos

The story of the First World War is one that has been told and retold in classrooms and museums in the last century taking on different perspectives from political to social and even familial and always with a new lesson to be learnt. As the world approaches the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War preparations are well under way for the centenary celebrations in different countries all over Europe. However, one of the biggest players in the wars, Germany, is still yet to out...

Spirit of Jazz Age Paris and the Harlem Hellfighters, Heroes of WWI

Gary Diskin

Europe hosts some fabulous jazz festivals but have you ever wondered how jazz actually came to Europe? It arrived in France on New Year’s Day 1918 at the height of World War 1, marched in by an all-black regiment of 44 soldiers and hand-picked musicians lead by well-known New York band leader, James Reese Europe. Summer 2014 marks the Centenary of the start of World War I. When the 369th Harlem Infantry (originally the 15th Regiment) was dispatched to France they were bitterly disappointed t...

Anzac Centenary: Australia and New Zealand Commemorating the War

Chris Grad

The First World War was one of the most important conflicts of the 20th century and had a profound and lasting impact on New Zealand and Australia. The increasing turnout at Anzac Day ceremonials (Anzac standing for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) in both countries reveals an ongoing interest in its significance. The New Zealand Government has established the WW100 centenary programme to commemorate the First World War centenary between 2014 and 2018. The programme will give all Ne...

Centenary in the UK – Readings, Exhibitions, Music

Chris Grad

World War I was a devastating event for the entire world, but more so for Europe and the UK. The war’s impact on these areas is more significant than anywhere else. Millions of casualties, as well as the Allies’ victory, made WWI a piece of history worth remembering and celebrating. This year, the UK and the whole world commemorate the centenary of the beginning of WWI, a fateful even that led to one of the greatest wars in history. Numerous events are taking place around the United Kingdom for ...