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The educational factor of cruises is growing in importance for experienced cruisers. Read about the most interesting enriching and educational cruises around the world. Are you looking for cooking classes, seminars on computers or ancient history? Get aboard!


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Choose the Best Enrichment Cruise for Your Holiday

Cecilia Garland

Increasing number of cruise lines don't only incorporate enrichment-oriented activities in their offer, but they develop them as well to make the cruise more appealing. This includes interactive workshops, culinary demonstrations, lectures from experts, and various presentations on a number of topics. Cunard Line For sophisticated cruisers, or even for the budding ones, the Cunard Line would certainly be ideal. On their three ships, the Insight Speaker series, as well as the Book Club of Cun...
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Our World of Water Is Your Class Afloat: Small-Ship Cruises Deliver Educational Travel

Bill Alen

A growing number of boomers and older retirees have in common a desire to travel by water, whether on rivers, canals and lakes or on protected seas and vast oceans. This should not be a challenge to find with 70% of the Earth’s surface under water. With a large conventional cruise ship, the draw will most likely be that this type of vacationing is Easy, Elegant and Entertaining ... all good motivators for a mainstream, rest and relaxation holiday. However, the delivery of a fourth E &helli...
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Cruise the Ancient World with Aegean Odyssey

Daniel A. Tanner

Voyages to Antiquity as a company has a deep rooted philosophy which has greatly influenced how the cruise experience is designed and executed. The main target market is the traveler who is keen on understanding more about the history, natural wonders and culture of the ancient world. Towards this end, the company deploys a small ship, appropriately named the Aegean Odyssey. The size of the ship is intentionally kept small so as to enable it to visit harbors other vessels are unable to reach; th...
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Colorful Opportunities: Educational Cruises in 2014

Tomas Haupt

In the recent past, the number of cruise trips offered for education purposes has increased reasonably. This is due to the rise in the number of people wishing to take a trip on cruise ships to enjoy themselves while learning something new. The trip organizers arrange for well informed and interesting speakers to grace the events. This ensures that the passengers have acquired new knowledge by the end of the trip. When passengers have a good experience on a cruise ship, the possibility of bookin...