Alec Hills - Apr 30, 2012

Year after year, surveys and research are essential to helping Britons know where they should put their money. With everything going so well for the British Pound, it opens up a whole lot more options on where to go best. It makes holidays so much easier and puts a lot more money and a lot more fun thanks to Sterling Rates.

Recent survey by the Post Office Travel Money shows that Bulgaria is the cheapest destination for British tourists this summer. All based on criteria of a list of items and as well as their prices. Bulgaria managed to beat Turkey which comes in at a not-so-close second place.

The criteria are set with comparing ten everyday items as well as a full three course meal at a local restaurant. Going to Bulgaria will cost tourists a day’s worth of £42.79 ($68.46) actually improved and lessened their prices by 4% from 2011. These prices are compared with each other. The second cheapest which is Turkey, will cost the average British Tourist £54.22 ($86.75) which had a big improvement from 2011 with a 22% cut in prices, not bad at all.

The reason for this is the improving strength of the British Pound against the European Euro. Rates change and prices fluctuate so it is best to watch out for which is the most suitable destination for holiday spending. The rates against the Euro make Europe the best destination this summer for British travelers.

The more expensive is, for example Brighton, which will cost about £79.25 ($126.8), which priced up by 3% from last year, so it’s probably best to get out of the country for a chance of a good vacation with cheaper rates. The best thing is to do research and plan out every detail of the spending. It is also helpful to check out the Post Office Travel Money’s Latest Price Index for yearly updates as well.

With all the rage of better sterling rates against other currencies, it is expected that British tourists will have a 15% increase in spending power when chosen to spend in European holidays than any other destination. A computed seven day meal plan in Bulgaria, if you plan to

eat outside the house every night, will cost an individual just £175 ($280). Compared to USA, which will estimate £310 ($496) Croatia is estimated £303 ($489), and the UK with £317 ($507).

Take note that there are other cheaper places in other countries but with high sterling rates and good destination spots, most European countries seems to be a good choice for British tourists this summer. With everything planned out and properly accounted for with research, individuals can enjoy more holiday’s pleasure for less money.

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