Nils Kraus - Apr 12, 2010

According to the German Automobile Club that compared twelve popular holiday countries in Europe, Germany is the third cheapest destination for campers after Poland and Hungary.


The German Automobile Club (ADAC) recently reported the results of their study comparing the prices of camping around Europe – specifically in 12 countries, reported Stern.de. ADAC took the prices paid for a night in a camp of middle category for two adults with one child; they also added the costs for a car and caravan, five kilowatt hours of electricity, three hot showers and tax.

According to their findings the cheapest destination for camping is Poland with an average price of 20.71 EUR. Poland is followed by Hungary with 23.83 EUR, Germany with 25.45 EUR, and Sweden with 26.04 EUR.

On the other hand the camping enthusiasts can expect the highest prices in Italy (41.3 EUR),  Spain (37.21 EUR), Denmark (35.02 EUR) and Netherlands (34.98 EUR). In the middle of the price scale is France (34.47 EUR), Croatia (33.55 EUR), Switzerland (32.3 EUR) and Austria (29.64 EUR).

Naturally in most of the European countries tourists can find camps of various prices as well as quality of services. Thus, it is possible to spend a night in a French camp for 13.20 EUR as well as 60 EUR. Generally however camping is more expensive in the regions around the Mediterranean coast and Atlantic.

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