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Proper holidays should last for at least two weeks. Companies should also take vacations seriously since stressed and tired personnel perform their duties less efficiently.


Holidays during your working life are extremely important. Not everyone, however, enjoys their vacation the same way. According to the experts one should take shorter periods off during the whole year. Seven or ten days are enough, fourteen seem perfect. Ideally, a person should work three or four months before taking another holiday thus the optimum are three vacations a year.

Even psychologists, however, do not agree on the ideal length of a holiday. Czech professor Jiri Raboch told the server that some people still think about their work during the first week of holiday, they are able to relax the second week and they start thinking about work the third week again. He suggests a holiday should therefore last two weeks at the least.

Studies also show that some employees want to prove their loyalty to the company by not taking their annual leave. However, a good manager knows that rested and relaxed employee works more efficiently than the stressed and tired ones.

Long lasting stress and bad lifestyle can also cause a number of diseases such as heart attack, apoplexy, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer or various types of allergies. Therefore taking some time off ïs beneficial to people's health. No matter whether you relax by doing some sport or by reading a book. The general rule of healthy vacation is: Do whatever you wanted to do during the year but did not have time for it.

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