Sara Thopson - Jun 21, 2010
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The authorities of Poznan organize a nationwide image campaign "Breath of Culture" that is to promote the city as an ideal place for those who prefer artistic impressions. The campaign takes place this summer and is hugely advertised in all the major cities in Poland.


Many cultural events on a national and even European scale take place each year in Poznan, Poland. Through "Breath of Culture”, a nationwide image campaign, Poznan authorities want to present a wide range of cultural activities, from which every tourist would be able to choose something. 'We want to show that Poznan is a vibrant European city with inspiring art on the international level,' said Lukasz Goździor, Director of City Promotion Department.

According to Dziennikturysticzny.pl, a giant transparent cube will be displayed on Poznan's Freedom Square. It will symbolize the entire creative and artistic energy concentrated in one place, in the heart of the city. Its installation is one of the many elements of the campaign.

To promote the event, which will take place in Poznan this summer, posters are going to be put up in major Polish cities. In addition, the campaign will be supported by the press and Internet advertisments on social and information websites.

The campaign is trying to create an image of Poznan as a modern city open for art and artists that can offer a rich cultural variety. The local authorities want to use the campaign to show that Poznan is a city whose atmosphere supports such artistic events. The campaign should also contribute to Poznan's efforts for nomination as the European Capital of Culture 2016.

The campaign "Breath of Culture" begins in mid-June and will last until the end of August and is to encourage Polish citizens to visit Poznan for one of the many cultural events taking place there this summer.

Poznan International Ethno Festival, inspired by the traditional music of different regions of the world, starts on 17 June. The 20th Malta Festival, one of the biggest theatrical events in Europe, begins on 26 June. This year, Poznan will also host the following events: International Animated Film Festival, XVII. International Workshop of Contemporary Dance, VII. International Dance Theatre Festival, V. Festival Jazz Made in Chicago, the International Young Audience Film Festival and the Art & Fashion Festival in the Old Brewery.

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