Justin N. Froyd - May 17, 2010
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Poland is now a favored plastic surgery destination in particular and medical tourism in general for many British and German tourists thanks to its accessibility, quality of services in this particular field and low prices even in comparison with its Asian competitors.

Polish people have been, on the international stage, famous in recent times for mass emigration, mostly to the USA and Britain. However, the direction of such human traffic has started, at least to a small degree, to go the opposite way as Poland has emerged as a top European destination for medical tourism. A recent report by the “Insight Market Research Solutions” has found that more and more Europeans have been flocking to Poland to undergo operations and beauty treatment, which is not affordable in their home countries.

Traditionally, Brits and Germans have traveled to Asia to places such as Singapore and India in order to have medical treatment. However, the Poles have the huge advantage of being closer and not having any stringent visa requirements.

Similarly, whereas Indian doctors built up a reputation for medical competence as early as the 60’s in Britain, Polish doctors are now doing the same in the UK. The barriers of mistrust are being broken at a rapid rate.

Poland is also the paradise of low prices. For example, for titan implants, British patients will pay 70-80% less in Poland than they would in the UK for the same treatment. Plastic surgery, the common reason for medical tourism, is four times cheaper in Poland than in the UK.

The future certainly looks bright for Polish medical tourism and income is almost certain to increase in this area. Indeed, 15% growth is expected next year. So far, the medical tourists have been spending an average of 1156 Euro on a visit to Poland for operations such as breast augmentation, dental implants or porcelain crowns. The improvement of private care facilities and of Poland’s numerous spas could see this figure increase.

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  1. Good news

    It is good to know that Poland's medical tourism industry is attracting patients from Middle East, Eurppe and U.S.A, Poland can be very attractive destination especially from U.K as one does not need to travel across continents.

    Gan (USA)
  2. Medical tourism to Poland-warning

    You must realize that in a country( like Poland), where corruption at hospitals is connived or I'd say even officially tolerated, the probability of a danger for a patient is much higher. That's obvious, I think I don't have to explain it. Just one example from Lodz -if a professor of medicine forces patients to buy stapling instruments for intestinal anastomosis in a press&foodstuff kiosk at the hospital (what are the conditions of distribution and sterile store of such surgical equipment?!) and forced them to pay huge bribes to get it (officially it should be free as the National Health Fund refunds it), so it means, that everything can happen to a patient in this clinic.But the professor -chef of the Clinic of Colorectal Surgery in Lodz, with all his connections and sucks is still untouchable..This is extremely irresponsible, not easy to find in the so- called „third world”.Except for the articles below, pleace notice that you -in western countries, know more about similar swindles here, I mean for instance the Swedish movie titled „Skin Hunters”, which is forbidden in Poland.Especially now, after the dramatic event and what happened to a Swedish young woman at a hospital in Poland.

    doc from Poland (Other)

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