Vanderlei J. Pollack - Sep 13, 2010
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According to recent studies, Poland is an emerging medical tourism market with immense potential. In 2009, 120,000 tourists visited the country and spend £105 million on medical treatment, mainly dental and plastic surgery.


Poland belongs to one of the most popular destinations in the former Eastern Bloc. Its history and architecture annualy lure many tourists to its cities and towns, though beaches on the Baltic Sea have also become very popular among holiday makers. According to recent industry reviews, however, it appears Poland is becoming a leader in medical tourism.

A recently published research report run by TechSci Research, ‘Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013’, focuses on assessing the potential of this branch of tourism and features some interesting facts about the industry. In 2009, an incredible 120,000 foreign visitors came to Poland for planned medical treatment, namely in the areas of dental and plastic surgery.

Not only is the quality of services very high here, with a range of private medical practices with state-of-the-art equipment and excellent medical professionals, but waiting times are considerably shorter as well. The unique selling point is undoubtedly the price; savings can often range between 30% and 70% even in comparison to other popular countries where medical tourism is a valuable source of income.

Poland simply offers good value for money and with an increasing number of satisfied customers the trend is likely to grow much stronger in the upcoming years. In fact, the Polish Government has become aware of this huge economic opportunity and it is considering subsidizing this particular sector of tourism from EU funds in the future as well.

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    I was in Poland over the weekend.....my friends, they have a waay to go before they become a 'leader' in medical tourism.....

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