James Morris - Jul 12, 2010
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Italian thermal spas have long been renowned all over the world. Local specialized treatments, wonderful setting and high-standard of services lure millions of ‚patients‘ to Italy every year.


Italy belongs to one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe; its fascinating history and architectural treasures, combined with breathtaking sceneries and culinary magic create an irresistible blend of all that a tourist may desire. For many years, Italy has also been considered an ideal destination for healthcare-related visits. Its famous thermal spa resorts have gained incredible reputation.

The deep-rooted tradition goes back to Roman times as the conditions for creating spas have been ideal then. Italy is very rich in thermal and mineral waters and when combined with beautiful scenery, not many are able to resist. What is rather unique about local spa treatments is the fact that they are approved by the government’s Health Department and in many cases the health service covers the costs.

One of the most popular treatments is mud therapy. Patients with metabolic disorders, skin problems or more serious rheumatism and arthritis very often come here to seek advice from local medical experts. On the other hand, the spa regions always offer something extra – the diversity of leisure and cultural activities make the spas ideal holiday destinations as well.

Abano, Salsomaggiore, Chianciano, Montecatini, Fiuggi and Ischia are only a few of the many resorts which annually attract millions of holiday-makers and spa enthusiasts from all over the world. Italy simply possesses a very intense charm which is impossible to resist – many who come here once, return again.

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