Kevin Eagan - Jul 23, 2012
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According to a recent survey, tourists who choose to visit either Cyprus or Turkey this summer are more likely to add weight compared to those vacationing in other well-known destinations.

Holidaymakers visiting these two nations that are renowned for their sumptuous kofte , kebabs as well as sugary baklava are said to add on average 1.38 kg to 1.5 kg in the course of their vacation. This is according to the in-depth research conducted by Fly Thomas Cook.

Similarly travelers going to the United States of America as well as Portugal also run the risk of adding lots of weight. The research says that on average visitors to these two countries are likely to add 1.30 kg for travelers in Portugal and 1.08 kg for those visiting the U.S.

For holiday makers looking forward to visiting a destination that is less likely to threaten their form a visit to Germany, Ireland and Canada will be worthwhile. According to the report these are the three destinations where most holidaymakers didn't add weight at all.

Meanwhile British travelers who choose to have a "staycation" in 2012 may also find themselves on top form for it – in the United Kingdom just a mere 0.24 kg of weight gain was discovered among holiday makers.

Approximately half of those surveyed answered they added weight when on holiday, and just more than a fifth said they lost weight. The research indicated that men's waistlines changed the most. For instance of all the travelers that added weight, on average males surveyed added 2.53 kg while women added a mere 0.65 kg. On the other hand, when it comes to cutting down weight men showed a better work rate by losing on average 3.27 kg as compared to women who lost 1.1 kg.

According to the survey weight gain is mainly brought about by eating out frequently, heavy consumption of alcohol as well as lack of exercising. Another major contributor to weight gain is the popular buffet where you eat as much as you can that is common in many hotels in the Mediterranean. Below is a list of the top ten destinations for holiday weight gain:

1. Cyprus + 1.5kg
2. Turkey + 1.38kg
3. Portugal + 1.30kg
4. United States + 1.08kg
5. Greece + 0.92kg
6. Netherlands + 0.83kg
7. France + 0.51kg
8. Australia + 0.5kg
9. Italy + 0.44kg
10. Belgium + 0.33kg

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