Ashley Nault - Mar 16, 2015
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A recent survey by Weight Watchers discovered that 71% of Spanish tourists gain weight on their holiday. The findings indicate that the reason is breaking the daily habits, with 66% of respondents abandoning their healthy eating routines.

In this regard, among the changes in daily habits caused by traveling, 75% of participants said that they do not abide by the 5 meals a day that the experts recommend. In addition, 44 percent stated that they tend to increase their consumption of fast food.

"Breaking the routine has a positive side from an emotional standpoint, but in terms of eating it is important that this break should not be uncontrolled. We can make our schedules flexible, allowing ourselves to have more culinary treats and to enjoy the travel experience, but always within limits, "said Yolanda Jimenez, nutritionist and dietitian and Weight Watchers representative.

Therefore, the expert provided a few tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, which range from continuing some routines like having a full breakfast, and eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to get fiber and touring the destination on foot to keep fit.

Avoiding the temptations of road service areas and controlling eating from the hotel minibars is important because they typically provide high-calorie snacks, so it is advisable to replace them with healthy snacks and raw nuts or fruit.

In addition, holidaymakers should examine well the hotel buffets. Before starting to fill plates the guests should first walk around to check out all the available options and try to make a balanced choice. Moreover it is essential to choose balanced menus at restaurants, and if not, to cook your own food to better control what you eat.

Other advice from the expert includes limiting snacks between meals, avoiding over-consumption of sugary and alcoholic drinks and finding sports facilities to maintain the daily exercise routine.

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