Weight Loss Spas around the World

Denise Chen - Sep 24, 2012
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Today numerous spas around the world offer weight loss programs focusing both on body and mind of the clients. Let them teach you how to be active as well as relax, how to eat well and care for your body. Discover the world class spas and their weight loss treatments.

Terme Smarjeske, Slovenia

Among the numerous spas in Slovenia Vitarium is recommended by all top specialists. The resort offers a quality spa facility along with a complete diet plan and a professional guiding to all of the customers. The spa provides all the essential massages, facials and exercises.

Hotel Thermia Palace, Piestany, Slovakia

With the sulphurous water and the mud playing a key role in the treatments to reduce weight, Piestany, Slovakia is rated as one of the top spas in the world. The hotel was built in 1912 and in 2007 it was renovated with state-of-the-art equipment. It is linked to Irma spa, where you can enjoy the bath in Mud pool and the Salt Cave. The rates are affordable and at the same time, the spa offers high class experience.

Camp Biche, Cahors, near Toulouse, France

If you want to hike for a couple of hours and yet want to enjoy rich lunch, Camp Biche is the best choice. You can have the high fat content foods but at the same time never gain weight. The trick is the exercise planned in between your breaks that neutralizes the effect of the fat foods.

Espace Henri Chenot, Palace Hotel, Merano, Italy

Henri Chenot, a health guru, Italian author and a nutritionist, is popular in the country for his ability to predict one’s health problems by just looking at the person’s face. In Palace Hotel people are treated with mud spas, pool exercises and diet schedules to reduce the weight and all of them come at an affordable price.

Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket, Thailand
Thailand is famous for its world class resorts and hotels that give the comfort of heaven. In Six Senses Spa you have your own private garden where you can view the beach with a world class massage and have a tight sleep at night in mosquito netted beds. You can enjoy morning sunshine with an open air bath and the bathroom with sauna. You can find a herbal garden in the middle of the resort where the herbs are grown and an open air restaurant beside it. You can also work out in the gyms where a special trainer to guide you with the exercises is available.

The spa village with the stream, shady trees and flowering bushes has four sections in them, namely the traditional Indian, Thai, Indonesian and Chinese themed treatments. The chef offers their customers high class vegetarian dishes ordered by your diet specialist and completes you stay at the resort.

Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kerala, India

It is one of the world's top class Ayurvedic spa centers that you can ever get located in about 150 miles from the east of Bangalore in Northern Kerala. The spa is simple, yet a high class location to spend your weight loss holidays.

NuBeginnings, Ilfracombe, Devon

Health is always related to the relationship that a person has with the food and it is the theme of the spa. You can get all kinds of healthy foods that can make you feel better and cure your health problems. Programs are scheduled to target the health of the customers and exercise charts are made to reduce their weight.

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