Stress Relief Is the Focus of Many Spas

Ashley Nault - Feb 24, 2014
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We all understand and comprehend stress in all its dimensions. Unfortunately majority of people cannot cope with or even reverse the situation. Silently, without our knowledge stress gets into our lives – via our daily jobs, relatives, money matters or even pals. Normally turning a blind eye to it, developing harmful ways of handling it and even letting it weigh down on us are some of the easiest options for many. Cardiovascular diseases are known to us as the major effects of stress, on the contrary we should understand that staying stress free has loads of other benefits.

Common Effects of Stress

Unhealthy fat hormones: While we are under so much pressure, the body is stimulated to produce cortisol and Norepinephrine, which are commonly known as stress hormones. These hormones inhibit weight loss, hence making you more obese. Being stressed over obesity or daily nutrition will therefore do you more harm than good.

Anxiety leading to mood swings: The stress hormones do a lot more than just preventing you from losing any excess weight. They negatively impact your quality of life by completely changing your mood, how well you work and even your interactions with others. When your body reacts that way during stress, it is meant to shield you from any harm. However an excess of it makes you restless, isolated and dejected.

Chronic headaches: Acute headaches are normally a result of a higher than normal blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. High blood pressure is a known effect of stress. Anxiety or restlessness causes insomnia, muscular pressure or even eye straining. All these will eventually culminate into stress headaches. Headaches caused by stress are usually characterized by too much work, prolonged work on the computer and letting things accumulate.

Bad skin: As a result of stress you might experience hormonal imbalance and even weak immunity. These factors can lead to acne which can be a serious skin infection. When your hormones are not balanced the skin tends to produce too much oil. This oil clogs the pores of the skin and stimulates the development of adult acne.

Early death: Many stress victims are known to die suddenly from heart disease. Besides this, stress is also very dangerous to patients nursing other ailments. Due to stress your immune system becomes less powerful and makes you vulnerable to other diseases. This is specifically risky for individuals who have other infections like HIV, Hepatitis C or even cancer which are known to attack the immune system.

Spas Effectively Help with Stress Management

Fortunately, stress can be dealt with and even completely cured. Many health spas have created stress handling lessons for those who want to take some time off from work and family. These places provide a less anxious environment with experts who will guide you on how to manage and even develop a healthy lifestyle.

These stays usually take 3-14 nights and are characterized with rest, workouts and meaningful lessons. This however depends on the type of spa as they tend to be unique from each other. Many of the stress-relief treatments include the following:

Detox Diets

Tailor made detoxifying diets to suit specific body types. These are meant to expel toxins from your body. In addition there are special foods like the dark chocolate which reduce stress both internally and externally.

Fitness Exercises

You will engage in a number of activities to alter your hormonal balance and relieve some pressure. These exercises include having a private trainer, working out with others and playing outdoor games.


In many spas yoga is essential in taking stress off your mind. Instead it allows you focus on a fresh breath, and stretch your muscles. Muscle stretching makes you less tensed and brightens up your emotions. This coordination of the mind spirit and body can go on even when you return home.


Meditation is important as it will keep your mind focused and prevents any outbursts of negative thoughts that arise during stress situations. Numerous spas offer programs on meditation and inhalation.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking is exciting especially if the lessons are organized in a group. Cooking lessons make you feel jovial and even teach yourself how to prepare amazing recipes that will make you eat healthy and live well. Renowned chefs train you on good nutrition and give you an insight into their celebrated recipes.

Relaxing Massage

Massage is great as it inhibits the reaction of cortisol by producing hormones of joy, makes you relaxed and aids in detoxification.

Pampering Spa Treatments

When you visit these spas you will be pampered. Things such as sauna, steam rooms, whirlpools, salt scrubs and towel wraps are meant to make you feel special. They all bring about a sense of relaxation, hygiene and helps combat hypertension. When relaxed, the hormone dopamine is released. It makes you jovial and expels stress hormones from your body.


Going to the spa will help you discover more about yourself. This is possible with the assistance of medical practitioners, experts and spa members. Those shared classes, lectures and group talk sessions might just transform your life totally.

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