Wayne M. Gore - Jun 6, 2011

Budapest attracts visitors to its historic sites but also to its spas. With 120 springs it can offer a wonderful experience. After visiting a spa and eating the traditional goulash tourists might also enjoy a series of concerts in honor of the 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt.

Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is a city with well established spas. The city has almost 120 springs that provide around 70 million liters of hot water every day.

The most popular spa for locals is Széchenyi that has been operating since the beginning of the twentieth century. There are three outdoor pools and ten indoor pools. The spa is often visited by people who have problems with joints and come to relieve their pain.

Nevertheless, it is popular with all kinds of people, the young and healthy as well as the old. People of Budapest simply like to relax in their city’s spas. They come there at weekends to regain energy for the next week.

Another popular spa, with interesting design, is Gellért which is part of an art noveau hotel of the same name located on a hill not far away from the historic city centre. There are perhaps fewer pools then in Széchenyi but the interior with its marble pillars and mosaics is much more beautiful, reported

After some time spent relaxing in the healing waters of local springs, tourists should definitely set out to explore the city. There is a number of historic sites including the famous building of the Parliament and the castle.

Visitors should not miss the opportunity to try something from the famous Hungarian cuisine as well. The world-known Hungarian meat goulash or Pörkölt is definitely worth trying. As a desert one can try some of the local sweets like pancakes, cakes, or strudel.

There is of course also something to do for people who are not interested in spas or culinary experiences. Classical music enthusiasts will be excited about a series of concerts organized in the city to honor Franz Liszt. This year is the 200th anniversary of the Hungarian composer’s birth which the Budapest authorities plan to celebrate in a due manner.


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  1. The Gellert thermal may be lovely, but it is the most overprices thermal in the city. Guests from the hotel get in free, the rest pay dearly. Locals cannot afford it. The men's and women's thermals are separated. Only the swimming is integrated.

    Ryan James (Hungary)

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