Laura Maudlin - Aug 1, 2011
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Increasing demand for Central and Eastern European countries leads to rising prices of hotel accommodation.

A recent survey conducted by HRS, a hotel reservation portal, revealed that increasing numbers of tourists are, mainly due to lower prices of hotel accommodation, attracted by Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, though, the hotel room prices in the region are going up.

Baltic countries however are still among the cheapest with respect to hotels. For example in Tallinn a hotel room costs on average EUR 66 per night. Other cities in the region including Prague and Budapest also keep the prices low. Lower prices lure more and more tourists to Romania and Bulgaria, reported Tur-info.pl.

According to the new HRS study the prices, in comparison to May 2010, most significantly increased in Warsaw. The prices went up by 19% which is EUR 88 per night. The increase of prices in Warsaw has been caused not only by the increased interest of tourists, but also by the still insufficient accommodation capacity of the city.
In Moscow an average hotel room costs EUR 153, which makes the Russian city the most expensive capital in the world. The prices of hotel accommodation also increased in Bratislava and Ljubljana. A fall of prices by 10% was recorded in Belgrade, where visitor pay around EUR 82 per night.

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