Cecilia Garland - Jun 20, 2011
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Hungary is one of the fastest growing MICE powers around, even surpassing pre-crisis levels and attracting more and more foreign visitors to such events. The popularity of MICE is now spreading all around the country.

The first quarter of 2011 has seen a bigger increase in the Hungarian MICE industry than ever before. The international events, which took place on Hungarian soil, attracted a total of 17,000 guests, most of which were foreigners.

Budapest was the scene of two thirds of the events, with the rest being hosted in Gödöllő, Szeged and Pécs. Companies also tend to avoid massive hotel costs and host events in rural areas of Hungary, focusing in particular on the Balaton region.

All the figures on the MICE front have brought smiles to the faces of those supporting the Hungarian economy. The average length of the conferences held in the country is 3.3 days, which is above the EU average as is the average amount of participants, currently standing at 198. 

It seems that it is not all about business either, as 23% of such events have been of a medical nature. Hotels have been hosting the majority, yet science institutions and universities are starting to play a more important role.

One may only speculate as to why Hungary has suddenly become so popular in this field. The emergence and growth of centres capable of hosting such events are obvious factors. The emergence of Hungary as an established member of the EU seems to be a further factor, which foreigners, particularly the British and the Germans, have started to appreciate.

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