Joe McClain - Jun 27, 2021

Hungary is one of the countries which is opening its borders to foreign tourists with immediate effect under very relaxed conditions. Based on the new regulations, travelers will not need a PCR test, but will only be allowed to enter by land.

Since September 2020, there has been an entry ban in Hungary for foreign tourists. Almost three quarters of a year later, Hungary would like to gradually stimulate tourism in the country and therefore open it up to travelers again with immediate effect.

The easing of restrictions is justified with Hungary’s ongoing vaccination campaign. According to official information, around 55.5 % of the population have now been vaccinated against Covid-19 for the first time, while 46.6 % are already fully vaccinated.

No More Controls

Hungary has cancelled the travel ban for travelers from all Schengen countries. This also means there are now no controls on the borders with neighboring countries, including Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban also confirmed that the entry by land is now possible again, after a long time, without any conditions and restrictions. However, this easing of entry for foreign tourists applies only to land routes. Air travel to Hungary for tourist purposes is still prohibited.

Travelers who decide to spend the summer in Hungary must also note that overnight stays in hotels are still prohibited. This means that you either have to visit relatives and acquaintances or find accommodation via some online platforms like Airbnb.

Leisure Activities Limited

With regards to leisure activities such as cinemas, museums or indoor swimming pools, stricter regulations still apply.

To enter, visitors need a Hungarian vaccination certificate, which is also required for visits to the interior areas of restaurants and cafes. The outdoor spaces, on the other hand, are more suitable for tourists, as no vaccination certificate is required.

Due to the ongoing European football championship, visitors to a game are subject to special restrictions. Spectators must present a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. In addition, football fans are also entitled to stay at a hotel in Hungary and use indoor catering.

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  1. I am english but normally live for part of each year in Debrecen, I went back to the UK in December 2020 with the intention of staying 2 weeks and spending Christmas with my kids and returning to Debrecen in early January 2021 but then the virus struck again and the lockdowns, virus and travel restrictions kept me in the UK until 3rd August 2021 when I started a big trip in the Balkans ( Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia ) and then on to Greece as an alternative to going to Hungary and all those countries would let me in with no problems as I have had 2 vaccinations. I had hoped that the opening of Hungary's borders would let me in again after August 7th but your article now seems to suggest that I still can't get in even if I tried to enter via Romania by train/bus as I would be classed as a " tourist " and wouldn't be allowed to stay at the hotel in Debrecen where I normally stay for months at a time. Finding out what is really the case in english is not easy can you clarify things for me ??

    michael bright (United Kingdom)

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