Anna Luebke - Apr 5, 2010
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Budapest is proud of an attraction luring thousands of tourists to the Hungarian capital – the biggest sea aquarium in Central Europe


Visitors of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, can encounter sharks and other exotic animal as well as walk in a rainforest. How is it possible? Thanks to Károly Farkasdi a Hungarian entrepreneur who constructed the 3000 m2 Tropical Oceanarium in the center of the city. After 8 months of construction Mr. Farkasdi was able to open a complex that includes the biggest sea aquarium in Central Europe. The construction finished in 2000 and it features various high tech equipment.

Visitors can admire the animals and vegetation in eight halls. You can enjoy an imitation of a rainforest where it rains and where thunders and lightning create unique atmosphere for visitors. You can walk through the forest and observe birds flying freely as well as squirrel monkeys playing in branches. Very popular are also other animals for example giant turtles, chameleons, spiders, scorpions or even alligators.

The biggest lure perhaps is the sea aquarium. In the 1.4 million liters aquarium, 8 sharks swim around with other fish. Tourists may also walk through the 11-meter-long observation tunnel and observe the sharks swimming right next to them. Shark feeding is definitely quite fascinating. The carnivorous animals eat 12-15 kg of sea fish each. They are fed by professionals with diving training directly from their hands. Besides watching the animals, visitors may also touch them. More specifically they may stroke and feed rays in “ray stroking pool.”

Besides the biggest one, there are also other 50 aquariums and terrariums that are home to various kinds of animals. There are also fresh water fish from Asia and Africa. Popular fresh water fish is naturally piranha. The Tropicarium, however, does not present only exotic animals. Hungarian fish could be seen in the room number one.


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  1. Sounds intersting. But what is even batter is diving with sharks in a cage. Thrilling experience. Not for kids of course.

  2. And it is where?

    From the grammar, I am guessing this was not edited.

    For a travel article, it seems that an address would be appropriate. Why bother sharing the information if you are not going to direct tourists to it.

    Living here and being a published travel writer, I can say this is probably not drawing that many people from outside of the country.


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