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Justin N. Froyd - Feb 25, 2013
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Spas play a great role in improving the physical and mental health of body. Spas in Japan have always represented essential part of people’s lives. Stunning view of spa made from wooden structures and thatched roofs depicts the glorious history of Japanese architecture. To enhance the historic view of building, Japanese spas are made with sliding doors known as "fusuma" in the place of walls. It allows easier internal configuration of spa building according to the needs.

1. Kusatsu Onsen Spa
This historic spa with a great history of 1800 years is referred to be as the king of spas in Japan. To prevent the occurrence of neuralgia and skin diseases, the spring in this spa is made a little hot and acidic. Yubatake is one of the notable features of Kusatsu spa. Here, the hot spring is chilled in a traditional way known as "Yumomi". Apart from great spa therapy, Kusatsu is also occupied with stunning streets to impress you. Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Ichii, built in the year 1972 is a landmark of this spa destination.
2. Hakone Spa
Hakone, well known as good spa town boasts with 17 hot springs to grab your hearts. Gora, Kowakudani and Hakone Yumoto are three famous hot springs in this town. Apart from spa, you can also see a wide range of superb hotels in Hakone. Kansuiro Ryokan, built in the year 1614 has a long history over four hundred years.

3. Dogo Onsen Spa
Dogo Onsen with 3000 year history is a perfect choice for people who wish to enjoy the great history of hot springs. Have you ever wished to enjoy a footbath in Hojoen Square? If you are interested, don’t waste your time explore come Dogo Onsen. Here, you can give your feet and hands rest in a beautiful mini spring.
4. Gero Onsen Spa
Gero Onsen with more than 1000 year long history is famous for different footbaths. Soaking tired legs in open air footbath can heal your fatigue naturally. Sagi's footbath, next to Chuo parking lot is referred to be as the first footbath in Gero hot springs. Healing therapy from Sagi's footbath is absolutely free of charge. Also, you can reach this destination at any time you want. Similar to Sagi's footbath, Miyabi's footbath is another notable landmark in Gero hot springs. This particular healing destination is situated in the front of Gero Royal Hotel Miyabitei. If you are interested in reflexology, do not hesitate to use floating wood balls provided here.

5. Noboribetsu Spa
Noboribetsu, renowned for footbath is another common destination of people interested in spa treatment. It is a perfect spot for people interested to view the stunning scene of flowing hot spring. Here, you just need to soak feet by sitting on a wooden bench. Natural green atmosphere with clear blue sky gives out a kind of natural healing treatment to the coming visitors. This historic spa in Japan is a free spot for all tourists. If you wish to enjoy the true healing therapy in the presence of lush green forest and rocks, get ready for a journey to Noboribetsu spa.

6. Beppu Onsen Spa
Beppu Onsen, constructed in the year 1879 is one of the top recommended hot spring resorts in Japan. Beppu owns eight different springs to give utmost relaxation to the visitors coming here. Myoban, Beppu and Kannawa are three famous hot springs of this popular spa center. To give maximum comfort to visitors each hot spring of Beppu comes with ryokan and public baths. To increase the choice of visitors, you can also find here a wide range of bath types. Apart from thermal waters, Beppu also offers baths in sand, mud and steam. Do you wish to take a sand bath from renowned spa? If you are, get ready to have a trip to Takegawara spa built in the year 1879.
7. Hyotan Ocean Spa
Hyotan Ocean Spa is a perfect spot for people interested in hot water baths. This historic spa in Japan owns a row of waterfalls for the purpose of massaging treatment. If you are interested in sand baths, steam baths and shoulder massaging, do not hesitate to come here for treatment. Apart from soothing baths, Hyotan Ocean Spa also assures regular private baths and diet meals to the coming visitors.

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