SPA/ 2 in 1: Historical Spa Sites

Many spas are lovely. Historical spas however always offer something special – the atmosphere of bygone days. Explore the best historic spas around the world.


Europe’s Best Historic Spa Holidays

Theodore Slate

Visitors looking to get some rest have for many years headed to different relaxing spa towns so as to get healthy spring waters, and most of these restorative spots are still standing to this day. There are many historic spa holidays and the following are some of the best in the world. Baden Baden, Germany Situated on the Black Forest edge, the spa town of Baden Baden was considered the most glamorous resort across Europe, and was visited by renowned luminaries like Hector Berlioz, Victor Hugo a...

History and Wellness Meet: Victoria’s Fairmont Empress Hotel and the Willow Stream Spa

Alec Hills

No matter the far corner of the world in which I may be traveling, when I say I live in Victoria, British Columbia, fellow travelers invariably smile knowingly, "Ah yes,” they say, “Butchart Gardens and afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel.” Indeed, the 105-year-old granddame of Victoria’s almost-circular inner harbor continues to capture the imagination of visitors from far and near, whether they stay at this large property steeped in British colonial history or sample an ...

Best Historic Spas around Japan

Justin N. Froyd

Spas play a great role in improving the physical and mental health of body. Spas in Japan have always represented essential part of people’s lives. Stunning view of spa made from wooden structures and thatched roofs depicts the glorious history of Japanese architecture. To enhance the historic view of building, Japanese spas are made with sliding doors known as "fusuma" in the place of walls. It allows easier internal configuration of spa building according to the needs. 1. Kusatsu Onsen Spa ...

Villa Astra: Rejuvenate in a Gothic Villa

Denise Chen

When you feel like the world's weight is upon your shoulders, retreating to the Villa Astra historic spa in Croatia would be a welcoming experience. There are certain moments that the need to "recharge your batteries" is imminent and with such relaxing splendor of century-old Venetian Gothic and sweeping views of lush vegetation, the sea and the allure of Lungomare, rejuvenating your soul with holistic treatments or dynamic activities to rev up your engines once again can definitely be achieved ...