Croatia: Historic Spa in a Gothic Villa

Denise Chen - Feb 25, 2013
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When you feel like the world's weight is upon your shoulders, retreating to the Villa Astra historic spa in Croatia would be a welcoming experience. There are certain moments that the need to "recharge your batteries" is imminent and with such relaxing splendor of century-old Venetian Gothic and sweeping views of lush vegetation, the sea and the allure of Lungomare, rejuvenating your soul with holistic treatments or dynamic activities to rev up your engines once again can definitely be achieved in this boutique hotel's spa features, luxurious guestrooms, wellness areas, fresh food and secluded beachfront.

Artistic Memoirs

Nestled in a small historic town off the eastern coast of Istria renowned for its majestic mountains, exciting islands and clean pure air, Lovran, the spa came into fruition out of sheer passion by its corporate management expert founder, Vjeko Martinko. With the soothing and regal ambiance of a town that used to be enjoyed by princes and noblemen in 1996 came a distinctive idea from the villa's founder to rebuild an old Gothic villa and transform it into one of the choicest spa destination of the world.

With the encouragement of friends and business colleagues plus the rejuvenating feeling hanging in the air of Lungomare, the historic Villa Astra was crafted to become one of the best personal healing havens where botanical secrets and healthy living bring about clarity in mind, body and spirit. With the host-owner's vision, this extraordinary summer home is now considered one of the most sought-after retreats around the globe today.

Treatments and Services

This historic villa has a dedicated area for spa and health facilities. One of its topnotch features conveys a message of utmost relaxation. From a floatation tank that promotes deep relaxation, a massage or treatment facility, a soothing relaxation area, a garden, and a heated sea water pool, this is a place that put guests' concern at the center of its universe.

Massage such as Ayurveda and Raindrop can be experienced from skilled and trained masseuse providing your body the release it needs from stressors and imbalances in your energy points.

With this natural healing process plus the peace and serenity of Villa Astra's healing gardens, you can easily doze off into a dreamless oblivion releasing your mind and body from overflowing of negative energy and bringing back your sense of balance. Aside from Ayurveda, the villa also boasts of a medical doctor, holistic health and nutritional consultancy, meditation, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Acupuncture, Yoga, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone treatment, lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage.

With experts handling most of these specializations, issues as allergies, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and many more are best understood to rebuild your awareness and make you properly address your situation.

Amazing Activities

To suffuse your time in the spa there are also outdoor activities that will blow your mind away. Boat trips, fishing and rafting along the Opatija Riviera, biking along its lush green plains, walking or trail hiking along natural parks and sanctuaries collecting and studying a cornucopia of plants and herbs never seen in other places, mountain climbing, and other amazing activities will surely take your breath away. With all these benefits, it is no wonder that cityslickers often flee to this side of the world for that much needed renewal.

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