Dan Rang - Jul 3, 2017
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Your vacation should be an experience that you will always remember. There should be two main goals to any vacation. The first goal is to relax and unwind. You work hard and you deserve to re-charge your batteries. The second goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the chance to do things you don’t do during your regular life. Renting luxury villas for your vacation will guarantee that you will achieve those goals. 

How do high end properties help you have the best vacation ever? They offer a level of privacy that you don’t get anywhere else. Imagine staying at a place that you and any of your family and friends have all to yourselves. No noisy neighbors in the room next door. No strangers being disruptive at the pool.

Also, in general, staying at a villa is more relaxing and serene than staying at a hotel. Price is another good reason. Renting a stunning house for a group of people is often less expensive than securing rooms at a luxury hotel. Amenities and service are superior as well. Location is another advantage. Luxury villas are set in stunning locations that make for some great selfies. The iron-clad security of luxury villas is another feature that gives you peace of mind. It all amounts to luxury living that will ensure you have the ultimate vacation.  

So, now that you have decided for renting a luxury villa for your vacation, what is next? How should you go about renting an awesome and luxury house? To begin with, you will want to carefully select your vacation. There are impressive luxury villas located around the world in places that people dream of going on vacation. Do some research and choose a destination that offers the setting, attractions, culture and entertainment options that you want to visit. When you know where you want to go you can begin to research where to stay. Use a variety of sources and work with rental agents. That will help you find the ideal luxury villa. 

A word of caution. There are things that you should be careful about during the rental process. Start with carefully budgeting for your trip and always read the fine print in any contracts and rental agreements. Know the rental price for similar luxury villas and make sure you are getting a fair price. Know the reputation of owners and rental agents that you deal with. Get a written inventory and a list of amenities in advance. Ask about basics like a stocked pantry, cleaning supplies, sheets and towels and the like so that you know what will be there for you when you arrive. There are many bogus websites and unscrupulous agents out there offering phantom villas. Do your homework so you aren’t the victim of a vacation scam when you rent a luxury house. 

Reliable Luxury for Your Best Vacation Ever

Are you ready for a vacation that you will never forget? Villanovo helps you with organizing the ideal regret-free luxury villa vacation. The company’s mission is to pair every traveler with the perfect accommodation in the perfect location. They go above and beyond other websites and agents in paying attention to your needs and the service they deliver. Villanovo provides a complete, experienced concierge service and its team pride in delivering personal service to each customer.  

Where do you want to go? Whatever the answer is to that question we can help. Villanovo not only has a large portfolio of luxury properties, unmatched by their competitors, but also guarantees that all the villas are carefully inspected. The rental prices are reasonable and the services and amenities of each are top shelf. Carefully screening all properties on offer and close communication with owners secures peace of mind for renters. Only the most unique and stylish villas are included in the portfolio. Villanovo is exclusive in order to provide all its customers with the best accommodations for an unforgettable experience.  

Renting luxury villas is the best option ever

Unforgettable Destinations Recommended by Villanovo  

For an unforgettable getaway you need the right destination. Here are three places which will provide you with the experience of a lifetime and leave you with indelible memories of luxury: 


If you dream about a vacation in heaven, the island of Mauritius is the place for you.  Located 1,200 miles off the Southeast coast of Africa in the Indian ocean, this island is a paradise of lush, green mountains and gorgeous beaches. If you are a swimmer and love scuba diving, the beach has fine, yellow sand and the water is warm and full of exotic fish like clown fish and rainbow-colored parrotfish. If you are a golfer, the golfing is award winning (Mauritius won World’s Best Golfing Destination for two years in a row at the International Tourism Show) with championship courses. The jungle theme, with exotic landscapes and animals (such as parakeets and monkeys), is ideal for the adventurous traveler. Stay at one of their luxury villas and you will have unforgettable holiday.   


Sundrenched and utterly charming, the island of Ibiza is the perfect spot for a memorable vacation. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, just 93 miles from Spain, it is a tourist dream. It boasts craggy cliffs, sandstone formations and soft-sand beaches. There is no shortage of restaurants and clubs to try out. Punta Galera is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see. It is as series of flat, flame-colored sandstone formations that descend from the cliffs out to the sea. At sunset, the rocks glow. Boating and yachting on the gorgeous Mediterranean is a big pastime. With an abundance of outdoor activities, unusual architecture, historic churches, and bustling nightlife, Ibiza should be on everyone’s list to visit. There are a variety of luxury villas in Ibiza available to rent. 


Exotic and sunny, Marrakech is a historic city in the heart of Morocco. It is noted for its huge market. You can be sure that you will find unique items for sale there. The Medina, or historic part of town, is full of people to watch, scenery to look at and food to eat. There are the rugged Atlas Mountains to explore that are right near the sunlight sea. Swimming, hiking and outdoor activities can all be combined with historic architecture and breathtaking gardens. You can be sure that you will leave Marrakech with memories that will last a lifetime, especially if you stay in a perfectly appointed luxury villa.

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