Oct 16, 2013
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We're all aware of the basic villa holiday concept, yet few truly realise the benefits. A lot of this is down to inexperience and naivety: if you've never been, how would you know?

Yet taking a villa holiday is about much more than a simple change of accommodation, as the extra space and privacy offers a plethora of possibilities. Whether its privacy, home comforts or still staying connected, such an experience becomes more tempting when you look at the bigger picture.


First of all, a villa is your space. You have a room to yourself and a living area to yourself. This means you don't wait in line for food at a hotel or have to deal with receptionists just to get in and out. A villa puts you in control, allowing you the full privacy to do as much – or as little – as you like.

It's also much better for groups, offering a combination of shared and singular privacy. You all have your own rooms but a communal living space offers group socialising and a large space to relax at the end of a busy day.

This likewise helps families. Squeezing a family into a hotel room is always stressful, due to the all the space that suddenly disappears, and there was never that much to begin with.

Villas have floor space akin to your house so expect to be much more comfortable once you can actually walk around and stretch. Of course, depending on where you are, the weather doesn't hurt either!

Home Comforts

Part of this is also the benefit of bringing home comforts to your holiday. Comparing a villa to hotels again, you're not forced to eat when the hotel serves food. If you buy food for the villa, it's another aspect put back in your control and another area where you can keep costs to a minimum.

In other words, it allows for the comfortable elements of being at home. You're on holiday, after all, so making yourself at home is the least you should be able to do so. Villas also offer extra security and safety for those with children.

You don’t have to worry about them wandering off on a large holiday complex as everything is located within the one place. You may even have your own private swimming pool where they can splash around to their heart’s content while you keep an eye on things to ensure their safety.

Some villas may even have a games room found inside and that means your kids can go off to play without ever leaving your site.

Still connected

Finally, don't think that villas are too remote. These buildings can be found close to town centres and popular destinations as well as further afield so you can choose the option which is best for you.

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