Justin N. Froyd - Jul 27, 2009
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This year has been exceptionally challenging for anyone associated with tourism. Travelers have been reluctant to spend money and thus, the entire industry suffers. Spas in particular are at the source, so to say, and if any change in tourists’ attitude toward tourism occurs, spas will be the first to notice. Over the past year, saving money became a priority for most households. The crisis hit hard and the uncertainty was a good enough reason for all to think twice before spending cash. Especially when it comes to planning a holiday, going for the cheaper or more reasonable option is the trend. Instead of a two-week trip, seven days are more acceptable. Gone are the expensive three-course dinners and special treats, shopping sprees, luxurious destinations. According to the International Spa Association, spa resorts were the first to notice the change and are most likely to be the first ones to spot a turn for the better.Even though we decide to omit the unnecessary luxuries in our lives, some we perceive as relevant and – well – deserved. Health related expenditures are a very different category and as health always comes first, we don’t hesitate to invest in it. Spas are one of the most frequented leisure facilities – swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas or steam rooms are still a must, however, when it comes to the favorite extras, such as massages, facials or any other soothing treatments, the numbers went down immediately. Regular spas can feel the day-to-day change very quickly. That is why tourist experts carefully follow the numbers. And recently, the numbers have been changing. Regular clients seem to pick up on their old habits of getting the extra specials. More luxurious treatments, longer massages, special treatments – anything outside the usual.  And that is great news. Even though it seems like a small step, perhaps more will follow and in a few months’ time, the industry will pick itself up again. Related:TOP COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST HOTEL & RESORT SPASGLOBAL SPA SUMMIT REVEALS INDUSTRY RESILIENCE AND OPTIMISM

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