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The Czech spa town Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad is one of the best known central European spa resorts. The beneficial effects of local mineral springs were enjoyed by kings and queens in the past and today it is visited by thousands of local and international spa-goers.

The best known and the largest health spa in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary, dates back to around 1350. The Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV raised its status to a town in 1370.

The fame of Karlovy Vary has spread into the whole world thanks to its mineral springs. There are 13 healing springs in the spa. Their basic composition is similar, differences exist between individual springs as to the content of trace elements, temperature and content of carbon dioxide.

The strongest is the Vridlo spring, rising from the depth of 2,000 meters. The temperature reaches 73° C while the temperature of the other springs is around 40° C.

The springs cure mainly metabolic disorders and are also used for inhalations and baths. Thanks to the specific properties of the Karlovy Vary mineral springs and their virtually all-purpose use, Karlovy Vary welcomes patients from more than 80 countries with various kinds of disorders including: Digestive tract disorders, Metabolic disorders, Diabetes, Gout, Obesity, Parodontosis (Gingivitis), Locomotor system disorders, Diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and biliary ducts, Oncological convalescents, and Neurological diseases and many others.

Karlovy Vary spa town is inseparably connected with Active Relaxation. The oldest 18-hole golf course in the country, golf hall with golf simulator, can be found here. The oldest golf course is located about 5 km away from the downtown in a very hilly countryside. Difficult terrain challenges players’ technical and physical dispositions.

The golf course is among the oldest and most beautiful golf localities in the Czech Republic. The holes are surrounded by greenwoods and offer intimate playing environment. Today, there are three golf courses in Karlovy Vary itself and 7 other in its surroundings.

Among other sport facilities in Carlsbad are tennis courts, outdoor and roofed swimming pools, billiard, horse-riding grounds. Visitors also enjoy shooting-range, skateboard, karate, squash, sightseeing flights over the city and much more.

All year round Karlovy Vary hosts Innumerable Cultural and Sports Events. One of the most popular social events is the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival that attracts movie fans from all over the world every year. Karlovy Vary is not only a place of film projection though. Its unique scenery and architecture makes the city a film shooting location as well. Recently, the filmmakers shot James Bond: Casino Royal here.

In addition, you can combine your stay with a trip to any of the romantic chateau parks, medieval castles, churches or monasteries in the surroundings.

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