Natural Spas: Rejuvenate Naturally

Nils Kraus - Mar 25, 2013
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Immersing your body in bubbly, thermal hot water is not only relaxing, but improves the body's health. There are countries all over the world that are blessed with hot springs that contain healing and curative effects.

The knowledge about the benefits of hot natural spas is not recent as even Romans and Incans enjoyed taking dips in the various natural spas. The minerals contained in the water fight against diseases such as asthma, arthritis, acne, muscle pain among others. It's not only healthy, but relaxes the body too. From hot springs, spas, mud with medicinal properties and fresh warm water ideal for swimming, you will leave feeling rejuvenated.

Below are some of the most famous spas around the world you could visit and enjoy their healing effects.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Located in southwestern Turkey, this natural spa receives more than 2 million visitors annually. The water flows through calcium pools making the spa famous for healing various diseases – skin disorders, blood pressure, digestive problems, and heart diseases. Pamukkale was formed by hot underground springs. Visit the spa and get soaked by white turquoise water leaving your body relaxed more than ever.

Banos del Inca, Peru

Taking a bath in this natural spa will leave your body rejuvenated and fresh. The spa is said to have healing powers and will cure the body and soul. The water which stems from underground streams has been used for recreation since the time of Incans.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon spa is Iceland's most visited location. The spa has steamy waters formed by lava; the waters are rich in sulphur, and silica minerals. The spa is reputed to heal skin conditions such as psoriasis. The water not only has curative effects, but also is ideal for swimming and bathing. The lagoon has also been used to film various famous movies like the Hostel. Visit the spa and enjoy the mineral rich waters.

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

Recently a great attraction site the spa is located in Tolima at the base of Parque de los Nevados. There is an array of amenities you can enjoy by visiting the place from soaking in the small lake that has medicinal mud to enjoying bathing and swimming in the thermal waters. Diseases the mud water is known to cure includes many types of skin conditions including acne. It's a worthwhile stop as you will be amazed by the stunning surroundings and waterfalls.

Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

The springs were named the most fun place to visit in the region. Soaking in the famous springs has many benefits to the body. The heat produced by the springs will prompt you to sweat, removing toxins from the body. The minerals in the springs also help relax the body and remove unnecessary stress and tension. The surrounding mountains attract tourists throughout the year. The outside of the spring might be cool, but once you get in the pool you will enjoy its warm temperature. The springs are visited mostly in winter.

Hells Gate, New Zealand

This geothermal attraction is home to one of a kind Rotorua spa experience. The famous mud bath and sulphur spa makes the place a great site for tourists. Soaking in the spa will leave your skin smooth and soft to touch for weeks, due to the sulphur properties and the natural minerals in the mud. The spa will help treat dry charred skin leaving it smooth. You will enjoy bathing, healing and beauty benefits to your skin and body.

Ahalanui Park Hot Springs, Hawaii

These springs are heated by volcano activities. The bottom of the springs contains sand and mud. The springs contain sulphur that has many health benefits to the skin. The hot springs offer a nice destination for a picnic. You can also enjoy a natural bath while enjoying the Pacific Ocean view. Enjoy warm water to swim in, while you gaze at the blue sky and fresh air by the tall swaying palms.

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