SPA: Hot, Hot Thermal Spas

Natural therapeutic treatments are more and more popular around the globe. Some prefer Asian SPA techniques, another more conventional European health spa programs. However, perhaps anyone enjoy thermal spa treatments based on the mineralized thermal sources available in different parts of the world.


Best Thermal Spas in Asia

Cecilia Garland

Strenuous routine and fast moving world have all resulted in delivering hectic lifestyles to the people across our planet. In order to rejuvenate our body and soul from the boredom of life, someday we all need a soothing environment that can offer natural surroundings, therapeutic baths, body massage, wraps and scrubs. All these are found in a spa, though today's modern spas are even located in an office complex amidst the busiest streets of a city. Spas are of many types i.e. Ayurveda spa, medi...

Thermal Spas in New Zealand - For Total Body Healing Experience

Cecilia Garland

New zealand sits at the confluence of two massive tectonic plates of the earth's crust and hence there are innumerable hot water springs and pools. The people of New zealand have been exploiting and experiencing the relaxing and healing qualities of the region's abundant medicinal mineral waters and hot springs.There are approximately 100 thermal baths in New zealand. These thermal baths range from small spa type natural mineral pools to thermally heated large sized pools.Immersing oneself in th...

A Review Of Top Thermal Spas In Poland

Larry Brain

Thermal Spas, Poland are renowned spots where you are able to get that recreational and medical treatment that is able to give your body the perfect touch of life both physically and emotionally. In fact, the spas are the ultimate spots for those who need to get that unique soothing and tender natural treatment. A visit into any of the thermal spas will offer you the perfect remedy to most of your emotional and even physical ailments. With the wider geographical coverage of Poland, there are var...

SPA Pestany – the Widely Known Thermal SPA in Central Europe

Cecilia Garland

The thermal SPA Pestany is one of many thermal SPA facilities in Central Europe. The first written mentions about the SPA is from the year 1549, published in Basel. It takes notice not only of the curious origin and properties of the waters but also of their curative uses. The description of the primitive therapeutic methods in dug out holes filled with warm sulfuric water along with the successes achieved at treating certain disorders it provides is invaluable. The “thermae” of Pest...