Thermal Spas In New Zealand

Cecilia Garland - May 01, 2012
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New zealand sits at the confluence of two massive tectonic plates of the earth's crust and hence there are innumerable hot water springs and pools. The people of New zealand have been exploiting and experiencing the relaxing and healing qualities of the region's abundant medicinal mineral waters and hot springs.There are approximately 100 thermal baths in New zealand. These thermal baths range from small spa type natural mineral pools to thermally heated large sized pools.Immersing oneself in the baths can provide you with a truly relaxing and soothing experience.Some of the best spas with modern and avante garde of facilities and excellent professional services are found in Rotorua and Taupo in th Nothern Island and Hanmer Springs in the Southern Island.

The Polynesian Spa

The Polynesian spa provides a panoramic view of lake Rotorua, volcanic landscapes and distant hills. For more than 130 years people from all over the globe have come here to relax the therapeutic geothermal waters. Two types of goethermal mineral waters drain into the 26 pools at this spa.The Priest Spring is believed to provide relief to aching muscles because of the acidic nature of the water.You can feel your stiff muscles relax and your taut ligaments loosen up. The Rachel Spring, which is alkaline in nature is assumed to provide antiseptic qualities because of the presence of sodium silicate.This alkaline mineral water makes your skin soft, supple and young.The Priest spa named after a Catholic priest who gained relief from arthritis is conceived to have therapeutic and medicinal healing qualities.Besides this you can also gain positive interaction through the group activities conducted by these spas.


Hanmer Spring thermal spa

The Hanmer Spring thermal pools and spas offer the utimate relaxation and soothing indulgence. This thermal spa is located amongst picturesque forest and mountains.It is just a 90 minutes drive from Christ church or Kaikoura offering a blend of geothermal activity and spa facilities in an alpine setting.They have a wide range of pools. There are tweleve open air pools, three sulphur pools and six private indoor pools.The water temperature ranges from 28-42 degree celsius which is perfect for soothing your aching muscles and joints. Water for these pools is drawn from the geo-thermal springs located adjacent to the spa hence providing pure, natural water of superb quality.You will discover the waters just easing off your aching muscles,relaxing your stiff ligamants and find immense pain relief for your injuries. Soaking in such thermal springs is amazing as it is believed to be enriched with salts and minerals that have proven medicinal benefits.As you immerse your stressed and fatigued body in this water it literally soothes away aches, pain and stress related to the hectic routine life.

The therapeutic hot mineral water is fed from below the ground and captured in the pools to provide you with a soothing, pampering, calming, relaxing and inviting experience.The curative mineral elements such as sodium, calcium, pottasium, sulphate and magnesium can assist you in providing relief from minor skin irritations to giving your body excellent internal stability, well-being and vigor.These spas also specialize in skin and body massage therapies. The Alpine aqua thermal gel wrap and facial is a perfect treatment to exfoliate your body and skin to aid maximum hydration.

The Lost Spring thermal spa

The Lost Spring thermal pool is located in the center of Whitianga, on the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula.This place is noted for its scenic mountains,sheltered estuary and vibrant sea life.Alan Hopping, a camping ground owner captivated by the thermal possibilites of this area drilled and located the first hot spring.He then drilled three wells and this paved the way for a thermal attraction and world class spa here. The pools are filled with crystal clear and pure geothermal water drawn from 644m down the earth's crust.It is believed that the high concentration of minerals and 7.4 pH level rejuvnates and invigorates your skin leaving it soft and nourished.The levels of borom,silica, sulphate and calcium is highly beneficial to body conditions like arthritis, rheumatism,dermatitis and eczema. The alkalinity and mineral content of the water provides you with a total body healing experience.

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalize while pampering yourself in the various hot water springs in New zealand. Besides providing a warm and relaxing experience these thermal spas provide a mulitude of astounding health benefits.

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