Top Thermal Spas In Poland

Larry Brain - May 01, 2012
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Thermal Spas, Poland are renowned spots where you are able to get that recreational and medical treatment that is able to give your body the perfect touch of life both physically and emotionally. In fact, the spas are the ultimate spots for those who need to get that unique soothing and tender natural treatment. A visit into any of the thermal spas will offer you the perfect remedy to most of your emotional and even physical ailments. With the wider geographical coverage of Poland, there are various thermal spas that you are able to visit next to your area of residence for recreation and different medical treatments. With the advancements in technology, you do not even have to move around looking for an ideal thermal spa that can offer you the perfect treatments that your body desires. You are able to easily browse through the web and find out thermal spas near you. Besides, you are able to even browse the spas by location, treatments offered among other factors. In fact, this is the latest and most reliable means through which you are able to get thermal spas, Poland without any strain. Below is a look into some of the thermal spas available in Poland that you are able to check into for various medical treatments and recreation.

Cieplice Spa

This is considered as one of the oldest thermal spas in Poland but that continues to attract most people throughout the year. This spa is located in Jeleniogorska Valley that is found at the foot of the Karkonosze range lying just about 6 kilometers from Jelenia Gora center. Over the years, the warm water of this spa has been notably a center of attraction to most people of Polish origin and even tourists who come over for various medical treatments. On of the renown guests who has ever visited this thermal spa is the Queen of Poland, Maria Kazimiera Sobieska. However, there are also other famous people who have visited the spa since its discovery. The Cielplice Spa is renowned for various medical treatments including rheumatism, eye diseases, and neurological diseases among other several disorders. This thermal spa's history can be traced back to the 13 Century when it is said that the warm waters began to flow for use in various treatments.

Ladek thermal spa

The discovery of the Ladek warm waters can be traced back to the year 1242. However, the first house that people could use in getting the treatments in form of bathing from this spa can be traced back to the late 15th Century with the flourishing of the spa coming up in the 19th Century. This thermal spa is popular for having been visited by the sixth president of the United States of America, John Quincy Adams. In fact, to date this thermal spa is said to be among those that command the greatest attractions. This thermal spa is located on the Biala Ladecka River. The thermal spa is named after a town known as Ladek where visitors are able to take part in bathing that is conducted in the various monumental buildings in the town. Those who visit Ladel thermal spa are able to take part in bathing using the water that is able to help in offering treatments to those with vascular,dermatological, motor system and oral diseases.

Duszniki thermal spa

This is another thermal spa that is located just about 40 Kilometers west of Ladek Spa. The first reports about this spring can be traced back to 1408. The thermal spring's popularity can be attributed to the great Polish pianist and composer, Frederik Chopin who is reported to have stayed in the spa for healing treatments in the year 1826. During this time, Fredrik was only sixteen and he came to the thermal spa with his mother and sister whereby he is reported to have given one of his most captivating performances in the resort. Currently, there are various medical research units that are stationed at the thermal spa courtesy of different universities and health organizations. There are various treatments that those who visit the Duszniki thermal spa are able to enjoy including mineral baths, saline inhalations, underwater massage, peat covering, rotational massage among others. There are also natural therapeutic materials that can be found at the thermal spa including slightly radio active acidic waters and others.

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