Some Best Thermal Spas in Asia

Cecilia Garland - May 01, 2012
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Strenuous routine and fast moving world have all resulted in delivering hectic lifestyles to the people across our planet. In order to rejuvenate our body and soul from the boredom of life, someday we all need a soothing environment that can offer natural surroundings, therapeutic baths, body massage, wraps and scrubs. All these are found in a spa, though today's modern spas are even located in an office complex amidst the busiest streets of a city. Spas are of many types i.e. Ayurveda spa, medical spa, health spa, day spa, resort spa and thermal spa.


What is a thermal spa?

Thermal spa is a kind of rejuvenating process that delivers relaxing and healing benefits to human body. Thermal spa works on the fundaments of using natural essentials and water salts to heal certain body ailments. Usually thermal spa is located in an area that is abundant with natural water streams and even hot springs. Basic thermal spa treatments include clay and mud wraps and thermal bathes. Thermal spa treatment works well to heal muscular turmoil, skin problems, rheumatism, arthritis and irregular blood circulation. The major benefits of thermal spa treatment are in detoxifying skin to alleviate stress. Natural hot spring spa treatment helps to enhance immunity system of human body to fight against foreign bodies. Moreover as thermal spa treatment is based on natural water springs, they can help to improve digestion system. Over and above that, thermal spa treatment is great way to energize and revive body.

Best thermal spas in Asia:

With increased popularity of spa across the globe, newer and newer destinations are today added to the already existing list of best spa destinations. Furthermore these destinations are bifurcated on the basis of type of spa treatments they offer. The culture of spa finds its roots in Babylonians era and thereafter it is popularly found in modern towns. Many parts of world today boast for the quality spa treatment delivered by them. Some of the major continents that offer best thermal spa include Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Some of the best thermal spas in Asia include:Hyatt Hakone Resort and Spa, Japan: The geographical location of Japan has positioned it amidst the major hot springs commonly called Onsen in Japanese language. Hyatt Hakone Resort and Spa is located in Kangawa, a popular hot spring resort town in Japan. The resort is located in the green mounts of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park which is a great attraction for both leisure and business travelers. The surroundings of Lake Ashi in Kangawa are abundant with natural hot springs. Hyatt's spa Izumi and Onsen offers natural thermal bathes along with real-time spa treatments using natural elements like minerals and salts found in the natural hot water springs of the area. The spa features two hot spring baths and 8 treatment rooms to offer variety of massage, facials and wraps in the most ultra modern environments using organic aromatherapy to heal different ailments and especially body aches.ESPA Peninsula Spa, China: The Peninsula hotel located in Salisbary, Kowloon is popularly known for its ESPA thermal spa. The spa journey begins with the spa's Garden of Eden design that is full of creeping plants on the shore of dripping river. Before you start your actual rejuvenating treatment or treatments to cure ailments, the spa offers thermal suite to cover sauna, peppermint vapor crystal steam room, shower and an infrared marble ice bath. The ESPA Peninsula spa is known for its wellness programs that include holistic massage that is a combination of salt and oil scrub which is followed by dropping of warm oil and placing volcanic lava stones on different chakras based on age old medicinal science called Ayurveda.

All these body treatments aim to release blocked energy and make you feel rejuvenated. The spa also offers some beauty related programs and facials to make you feel full of energy and relieve from stress with a feeling of tranquility.Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand: Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort located in pristine and tranquil island of Koh Samui is famous for its world renowned thermal detox treatments delivered to cure body ailments. Kamalaya offers wellness programs that include yoga, stress relief, weight loss and optimal fitness. Kamalaya aims at promoting wellness at multiple levels that include body, mind and spirit. Along with treatments, the spa also offers a variety of classes, consultations and healthy cuisines to its eminent guests. It also extends programs for overall awakening regarding health and meditation practices.Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali, Indonesia: Ayana Resort and spa is situated on the rocks overlook the dazzling waters of Indian Ocean. The wellness programs offered by the resort and spa include the aromatherapy massage, cool jade stone formal procedure to calm body and diamond miracle where luscious worldly elements are used amidst the most breathtaking surroundings of the world. It offers the thalasso therapy wherein sea waters are used in pure forms to deliver benefits of sea salts, minerals, amino acids and other natural elements in the state of art spa facility of the Ayana resort's spa.

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