Spa Treatments: Ancient Techniques Still Popular

Anna Luebke - Nov 26, 2012
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Traditional spa treatments are one of the best ways to revitalize you. The word "Spa" has been derived from Latin word "Sanitas per Aquam" which means procurement of good health by the help of essential oils and water. Various natural oils are considered to be one of the best ways to revitalize your skin.

Traditional spa treatments are being practiced since ancient times and nowadays they have gained popularity among spa-goers. The following are some traditional spa treatments on offer.

Sand Therapy

One of the popular ancient treatments is Sand Therapy. The scientific researchers have found that filthy and sluggish water in the human body causes diseases. Immersing oneself into hot sand for about 20 minutes, has shown to release 3-4 liters of sweat from the body which helps to cure various diseases such as arthritis, tissues disorders, seasonal affective disorders, reduction in cholesterol levels, curing impotence, improving sense of taste and cure psoriasis. To practice and enjoy the benefits of sand therapy, Marine Sand is the perfect place to visit which is located in the region of Siwa in Cairo, Egypt. Sand Therapy is quiet popular among European and Asian spa-goers and it is also becoming popular among Americans. It is important to keep in mind that sand bathing is not recommended for heart patients, people who are suffering from hypertension or varicose veins because of the high temperature of sand which is usually about 45 degrees Celsius.

Mandi Susu

Mandi Susu is a bath used by Javanese Princess for enhancing beauty for over decades. The client has to submerge himself/herself into the milk of goat, sheep or cow for at least 20 minutes, this treatment makes skin utterly soft and pure. It is recommended not to rinse after soaking. For better results often yogurt or buttermilk is added to the process but some clients do not like the smell that is left on the skin. You can enjoy this spa in Indonesia for as low as $12.


Marrakech the major vibrant city of Morocco is famous for its spa breaks. March and April are the most suitable months to visit Marrakech, as the warm weather approaches, it may be the perfect place for you to relax and find tranquility. There are many spas on the outskirts of the city; the most famous treatment here is Hammam. They have been used by the Moroccan people to wash, spend time and simply escape from all the chaos of life. The most basic stages of Hammam are cleansing, molting and steaming using natural oils and Morocco's famous black soap. It will cost you around 150-200 Dirhams.

Balinese Traditional Herb Massage

Balinese Traditional Herb Massage is a unique spa experience for relaxation. This massage is carried out by using traditional herbs, ginger, lemongrass and laos root. This makes skin refreshed, soft and smooth. It releases your stress, tension and stimulates nerves. This massage usually costs anywhere from $150-200 for about 120 minutes. You can enjoy this experience in Bali located in Indonesia.


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has existed for over thousands of years. This method is used to promote natural healing and improve overall body function. The process is carried out by needling specific points on the body that stimulates the central nervous system which releases chemicals in the muscles, brain and spinal cord. This technique has been proven to improve person's energy and healing abilities. It is perfectly safe and is very effective in treating emotional, mental, pain and muscular issues. This can cost you $80 to $90. The treatment is being offered in majority of the countries particularly U.S. and Canada.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is an alternative medicine in which cups (made of glass) are placed on specific parts of human body to create suction on the skin, using heat (fire) or electrical pumps. It is believed to promote natural healing, and increase of blood circulation. Cupping therapy has been used by ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern Civilizations. There are countless benefits of cupping therapy – it helps increase blood circulation, relaxes tissues, eliminates toxins from the body and releases stress.

Typically, cupping therapy can cost you $40 to $80. You can find this therapy almost everywhere especially in Asia, Middle East and North America.

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