Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2012

Nov 26, 2012

Dear readers

White and snowy December is here. The last issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine in 2012 is proud to present a number of responsible tour operators investing in their destinations. Learn more in the Professional supplement. Looking for some green holiday destination? Visit Freiburg, Curitiba and Reykjavik and get to know their remarkable projects and initiatives to help the environment. Read more in the Heritage part.

Cruise ships and their upgrading of services and technologies are the topic of the Transport part and the Spa supplement introduces a couple of ancient as well as modern spa treatments. The Destination part focuses as always on an extraordinary place on the earth – this time it is Wales with its mysterious castles and stunning cliffs.

Enjoy the coming holidays and all the best in the new year!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Green Cities with Green Parks

Justin N. Froyd

- Nov 26, 2012

Freiburg in Germany, Curitiba in Brazil, Reykjavik in Iceland – they are green and they are unique. These cities can boast incredibly low amounts of gas emissions as well as large green parks.

SPA/ Modern Therapies vs. Traditional Treatments

Justin N. Froyd

- Nov 26, 2012

Spas around the world always boast of unique, modern, state-of-the-art treatments. Many of them however originate in ancient therapies discovered thousands years ago.

TRANSPORT/ Cruise Lines – New Services and Technology

Ashley Nault

- Nov 26, 2012

Cruise ships of the modern age are far greater in size as well as services on offer compared to the vessels few decades ago. Check out some of the new features the passengers on the big ships can enjoy.

DESTINATION/ Wales – Leeks, Daffodils and Dragons

Justin N. Froyd

- Nov 26, 2012

Wales is an exciting destination offering ancient castles, stunning landscape as well as mysterious caves. The tourism industry is struggling – yet another reason to explore the land of dragons.