Cruise Lines Attract Passengers with New Technologies

Justin N. Froyd - Nov 26, 2012
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Cruise lines have been around for a while, but modern services are always cropping up. Cruises continue to become more and more exciting as time passes by. Passengers are found soaking in the creative experiences set up by the staff. It is all about taking passengers away from their daily lives into a world full of luxury and uniqueness.

Feeling Royal

Royalty cruises have been established around the world. On these cruise lines, the idea is to make the passenger feel like a king/queen. It can be a fascinating experience to feel like royalty in a world separate to one's daily life.

The idea is to equip each passenger with two staff members specifically for their needs. This can be a fascinating experience for those not used to such treatment. Along with these staff members, the passenger is allocated specific services on board. These include entertainment, food and all other similar benefits that come along with being a king/queen.

Wireless Control via Cell Phone

This is a unique addition to how ships are run. In order to add comfort to the travels of the passenger, the cell phone controls everything. The idea is to place the controls for the room in the hands of the passenger. For example, items such as turning off the lights, turning on the TV, ordering food; it can all be done through the cell phone.

In this day and age, the cell phone has become a major aspect of one's life. For those interested in having such controls, cruise lines provide the functionality. This can be great for those that are looking for complete rest and like everything simplified.


With the arrival of numerous new gadgets and devices, connectivity is an issue. Almost all passengers will have devices that require charging over the course of the trip. These items can be iPods, BlackBerries, shavers etc., the options are endless.

Now, cruise lines come equipped with specific centers that enable easy lines for connectivity purposes. The voltages can adapt to any sort of gadget (from any part of the world) ensuring the devices will be charged without any bumps.

For those interested in listening to their music in the room, docks are prepared. These docks can be linked with the room's stereos and play one's iPod music through them. It is a neat function to have when one is looking to avoid listening via ear buds. The goal is to provide comfort and this is one way it is achieved.

Video on Demand

This is a function that has constantly been upgraded over time. There used to be a time where only a number of movies would be available. Now, there are assortments of genres available that are packed with movies. The choices are endless and one will never be able to get through all of the movies on offer.

Each cabin's TV is hooked up to a separate entertainment system that controls these matters. The systems are packed with selections that range in languages and options.

Internet Access

Laptops and smartphones are constantly seen being carried on board. Internet connection is a necessary aspect of any cruise line. New ships are able to have a ship wide internet service that is uninterrupted through the trip.

This is a progress over the past, where the internet service was restricted to a few hot spots on the ship. Now, it is available to everyone on the ship regardless of where one is headed. The connection is entirely satellite based.

Ships are now equipped to handle the modernistic desires of consumers. The goal is to make the trip remarkable for the passengers and these services do that. Cruise lines understand what the consumers want and are approaching these matters with open arms.

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