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Cruise ships of the modern age are far greater in size as well as services on offer compared to the vessels few decades ago. Check out some of the new features the passengers on the big ships can enjoy.


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Cruise Vacations Are Getting Faster and More Exciting

Andrew J. Wein

Cruises used to be a popular vacation option for newlyweds and golden agers, with most people in-between choosing to indulge in other types of recreation during their leisure time. Taking a cruise in the past usually entailed hours of shuffleboard, constant buffets and the company of thousands of other older and overweight individuals while tooling around somewhere close to the Bahamas. However, modern cruises appeal to adventurous passengers by offering better dining options and opportunities f...
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Oasis of the Seas: IT Helping Navigate the Cruise Ship

Gary Diskin

No person will be able to ignore the enormity of the Oasis of the Seas. You will be already overtaken by its size when you see it from the parking lot of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Oasis of the Seas is around five times the size of the Titanic. Rising 213 feet from the water line and measuring 1,200 feet in length, it is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. Oasis of the Seas boasts of its facilities and amenities. It has 16 passenger decks and more than 2,700 ...
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Cruise Lines Introduce New Technologies

Justin N. Froyd

Cruise lines have been around for a while, but modern services are always cropping up. Cruises continue to become more and more exciting as time passes by. Passengers are found soaking in the creative experiences set up by the staff. It is all about taking passengers away from their daily lives into a world full of luxury and uniqueness. Feeling Royal Royalty cruises have been established around the world. On these cruise lines, the idea is to make the passenger feel like a king/queen. It ca...
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The Makeover of Carnival Destiny: New Services for Kids and Adults

Bill Alen

In April next year, Carnival Destiny is scheduled to restart its cruises in the oceans after a break of 49 days being renamed as Carnival Sunshine following a $155 million makeover that it has gone through. There will be a number of things that the Carnival Sunshine can boast about when it hits the waters again in 2013 and they include the line's longest waterslide, a slide that portrays a racing theme as well as a full-service Asian Restaurant. Vance Gulliksen, spokesman for Carnival, said t...