Nils Kraus - May 6, 2013
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The GPS based travel applications are commonly used to bring everything for all users, including finding someone on the road, creating virtual journal of your travels, and many other features. In the cruise travel world, there are several great apps that are available on the market.

Norwegian Cruise Line has an updated travel application that can help people plan everything in advance. This application has some information about the destinations, special offers, ships, and many other things.

The application can be downloaded for many different devices, including Windows 7, iPhone, and Android. It also has several photo and video galleries, ship information, deck plans, on board amenities, ship pictures, stateroom description, and any other important information. It also provides information about the 360 degree ship tours.

On board Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Epic, all passengers are able to log in. They can select from the available packages to purchase the right option for them. They are able to call or text other people who are connected by using the prepaid plan. There are several free services, including the ability to check the previews or book the shore restaurants, excursions, and any other on-board products, such as shopping or spa service. All users are able to view the shipboard charge account and daily activities without purchasing the Internet minutes.

Are you sailing with other cruise lines? Try to use the application called Cruise Ship Mate. It costs around $1.99. This application is very helpful in planning the cruise. It can help you see all itineraries of major cruise lines. There are some other features that do not require you to get connected with the Internet. You can check the deck plans, packing list, and cruise ship information by using this application. When it is connected to the Internet, all users can chat and video chat with other people on the specific ship.

There is a unique feature with this application called Cruise Ship Tracker. It is very useful to allow all users to check the exact location of any ship at any time. It uses certain technology that is similar to the CruiseCal. This is a subscriber based site that can show you where the ships are. You can also check which ships will be in certain ports.

If you do not have travel apps but you want to save some of your favorite travel websites, you should use the iPhone 5. This mobile device allows you to make quick links to the most visited website by clicking on the "Add to home screen". By doing so, you are able to check the websites right from your homescreen.

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