Quark Expeditions Owns the Most Powerful Icebreaker

Chris Grad - Aug 25, 2014
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From romantic getaways to family friendly vacations, cruises offer those with even the most stressful daily lives a chance to enjoy a world complete with vast blue seascapes and stunning snowcapped backdrops. Quark Expeditions offers guests just that. The cruise line offers guests the opportunity to break the traditional cruise mold and experience a once in a lifetime adventure in the most remote regions of the world. 

Quark Expeditions is a highly reputable and environmentally conscious cruise line that hosts striking expeditions to the icy polar waters of the Artic, Antarctica and the North Pole. But they go far beyond the norm of bright casinos, loud noises, and clichéd magicians. Instead, Quark's true expeditions offer guests the opportunity to truly explore these frosty regions in all their true splendor. Common sights include: breathtaking icebergs and glaciers, relaxing polar bears, frosty waters, and penguins the size of the average human. These expeditions offer a genuine up-close and personal look at artic nature. Quark Expeditions is home to five large, environmentally safe, passenger ships (111 to 189 guests each). 

The most famed of these ships is the unique Russian nuclear-powered vessel named 50 Years of Victory. Victory is known to many as the most powerful icebreaker in the world, and has earned a name as one of the safest vessels to explore these frigid waters. The powerful ship even offers an onboard helicopter that provide the guests a chance of aerial exploration. However, this 112 passenger beauty is set to retire after the 2015 Artic season, making her final three voyages in June of 2015.

Each ship is equipped with Zodiacs for true exploration as well as several kayaks. Other activities offered through the expeditions include cross-country skiing trips, snowy hiking excursion, mountaineering through icy slopes, and toasty overnight camping. And because of their strong hulls and proven power, Quark Expedition's ships can venture farther into the ice than most will every dare to attempt. This means only the most accurate and truest look at some of the least seen landscapes in the world. 

However, this is not to say Quark Expeditions offers only adventure without luxury. Certain ships include steamy hot tubs, warm swimming pools, and massage tables. Entertainment offered by the line is as unique as the expeditions themselves. From information-filled lectures and presentations from glaciologists and certified biologists to land tours conducted by experienced leaders. 50 Years of Victory alone consists of everything from flat-screen TVs to complete off-suite balconies. On board dining consists of delicious buffet-style meals with diverse menus and wide variety of options for main dishes. Even more, Quark offers specialty cruises, ranging from cruises designated for photographers and bird enthusiasts. 

Because of Quark's diversity, the expeditions attract people from all over the world. Anyone interested in learning more about the mysterious icy lands have the opportunity to truly experience these snowy expeditions up-close and personal. This remote land offers the peace and quiet, complete with relaxation which few other getaways can compete with. Ideal for the adventurous and designed for luxury, Quark Expeditions is sure to have something for everyone. 

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