Pearl Sea Cruises to Launch Small-ship Cruises

Pat Hyland - Oct 28, 2013
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Cruise lines have been around for a long period of time. Just like airlines among other travel companies, there is rarely any new cruise provider. As a result, the topic is seldom talked about. However, just like any market, there are holes that need filling. This means that there is always a deficiency in services provided.

The new Pearl Sea Cruises (, which are expected to set sail in the Canadian Maritimes and the Caribbean, will provide small ship cruises starting in 2014. The Pearl Mist will be the first new ship to be built by this new cruise line. It is expected to accommodate 210 passengers. It will operate around St. Lawrence Seaway, New England, and Canadian Maritimes.

On the 28th of June 2014, the new ship Pearl Mist will set to depart from Baltimore to Halifax. This will take place during the 11 night cruise within the region. 17 cruises are planned for 2014 that will run up to the month of November. There are various routes set for these great cruises in the coming season. The Atlantic Coast is one of the routes for the cruises. It is an 11 night cruise scheduled to depart from Baltimore to Halifax. This cruise will expose the passengers to the beautiful sites along the East coast of the U.S.

A 10 night cruise on the Canadian Maritimes is to depart from Halifax to Quebec. This cruise will focus on the beauty and history of the Eastern side of Canada. There will be beautiful sites and scenes to be viewed.

The 7 night cruise will be on St Lawrence Seaways together with Thousand Islands. This cruise will depart from Quebec to Toronto, Canada. During the entire cruise, there will be sites of amazing scenes and opportunity to experience the history and culture of the land. The 10 and 11 night cruises will take place in the Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. This cruise will depart from Toronto to Chicago, USA. It is bound to impact a great feeling as one will be able to sail through the Great Lakes.

The Southeast US route will provide the guests with an 11 night cruise. This cruise is expected to depart from Baltimore to Nassau in the Bahamas. In the course of this trip, guests will be treated to the sites of historical cities.

Pearl Seas focusing on small ship cruises have come into play adding a unique kind of luxury to cruises. In addition to that the cruises are up to date with the latest technology which means extra safety and improved communication. They come with private balcony, a state of the art dining room and lounges among other luxury treats. There is plenty of space in the staterooms and entertainment programs that will make this type of cruises exciting.


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